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Synonyms for blob

Synonyms for blob

an indistinct shapeless form

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5m [pounds sterling] on two ads, which show crowds either running terrified or towards a shapeless blob of the spread.
With de Blob's innovative control scheme, a swing of the Wii Remote or flick of the DS Stylus sends de Blob ricocheting and swinging through the city with splashes of color in his wake," said Steve Dauterman, senior vice president of product development.
Using this kit, we get very strong and even signals from beginning to end and longer sequencing reads, without dye blobs or lost samples.
It's obvious that these problems, and others, make PDF blobs something to avoid for online annual reports.
The representation is displayed to the user with region color and texture displayed inside elliptical blobs that represent the shape of the image regions.
The revolution will be colorized as everyone's favorite ball of paint Blob returns to bring color and music back to your world in de Blob([R]) 2, from THQ Inc.
Former internationalist Gordon, who has also captained the Scottish team in the World Championships, used the Blob to great effect to put his Farmers and Associates club into the semi-finals of the Scottish Club Championships.
Utilizing Wii's innovative motion-sensing controller, de Blob invites players to launch a color revolution by bouncing, smashing and painting Chroma City back to life through their creative use of color and music.
BBC3 is ditching its talking rubbery blob adverts in a EUR570,000 revamp.
Len would study the form and put a blob next to his selection.
Set within a colorful virtual lab, you'll guide a silvery mercury blob through more than 150 levels of chemical frolic that tests your reflexes and nerve.
It is only after changing browsers, yes browsers, several times that you notice a very pale blob at the end of the text.
Minutes after the chemicals were mixed, a marble-size blob formed spontaneously.
Shopping is a Blob smoothing "incommensurate aspects of the city into a connected and fluid urban experience"--collapsing public and private, exterior and interior, "reality" and branded fantasy space.
A big blob next to Looking For Love, a medium blob next to Moonlight Dancer, and a little blob next to Carnot.