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large fatty herring lightly salted and briefly smoked

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Amanda adored alliteration, as when she wrote that "corners of horror shelter themselves within the castles of the queenly, the palaces of the powerful, the monuments of the mighty, and the cottages of the caretaker" (Irene Iddesleigh 62), or when she created the names of her characters, heroines such as Irene Iddesleigh, Delina Delaney, and Helen Huddleson, and supporting casts of people with names such as Oscar Otwell, Marjory Mason, Maurice Munro, Mabel Moag, Henry Huddleson, and Barney Bloater.
In turn, Diporeia was fed upon by many fish species, including the commercially important lake whitefish, and forage fish such as alewife, bloater, and sculpin that serve as prey for larger piscivores (salmon, trout) (Scott and Crossman 1973, Wells 1980).
The species of Lake Michigan fish used in the creation of these plots were lake trout, yellow perch, whitefish, white and long-nose sucker, and coho and chinook salmon, as well as several prey species such as bloater, alewife, fourhorn sculpin, and rainbow smelt (De Vault et al.
Recruitment mechanisms of bloater in Lake Michigan: an analysis of the predatory gauntlet.
Princes, manufactures and supplies consumers and the grocery trade with potted spreadables, pastes, cook-in sauces and ready meals, including the company's Crab, Bloater & Anchovy paste.
Consider examples of flaws and fallacies in the medical literature described by Michael and his colleagues (1984): Significance Turkey (lauding significant results even if they are not clinically significant); Nerd of Nonsignificance (assuming there is no real relationship between two or more variables because none was found in a study); Test Bloater (a person with unwavering and unwarranted enthusiasm for the predictive utility of a new test); Diagnostic Zealot (overzealous peddler of the latest diagnostic test who has fooled himself--and may fool you, too--into untested belief in the benefits of a test).
I'd rather have an old bloater with a social conscience and a sense of honour - and duty - than the scummy bunch breaking through now.
Next Thursday night, The Cluny has a quick return to Tyneside for singer/guitarist, Big Boy Bloater.
com/evartsclub Big Boy Bloater Blues and roots performer.
The next event presents UK blues and swamp soul man Big Boy Bloater, well travelled folk finger picker Gareth Bonello (who usually performs under the name The Gentle Good) and York-based eccentric story teller Mark Wynn.
If I didn't train at the gym or watch what I eat, I'd be a fat bloater.
JAZZ AND BLUES Big Boy Bloater and The Scatsville Busters: Cox's Yard, Stratford.
best music Elvis In Vegas (BBC Two, tonight, 9pm) MOST people think that by the time he got to Sin City, Elvis Presley had gone from being a snake-hipped, charismatic rock God to, well, a bit of a spangly jump-suited bloater.