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large fatty herring lightly salted and briefly smoked

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The title track is close to Bloater's heart following a battle with depression, but don't expect this show to be anything other than upbeat - albeit with a healthy dose of cynicism.
Bloater defects were related to the minimal air-purging routine with the Ca[Cl.sub.2] process, but implementation of typical purging routines in Ca[Cl.sub.2] brines resulted in reduced bloater defects, complete fermentation, and stable bulk storage, so the minimal purging routine may not be necessary for future use of this process.
of the worst types of bloaters we have had the misfortune to with things.
QUESTION 1 - for 1 point: What is a bloater? A A straw hat B A pole used for punting C A smoked herring D An inflatable boat QUESTION 2 - for 2 points: The end of which conflict did the Sun newspaper cover under the headline 'It's the Sun Wot Won It'?
Wisconsin Sea Grant researchers found the larvae while they were searching deep mid-lake reefs for larvae of bloater, a Great Lakes baitfish.
I had to leave this letter--go into the kitchen & cut myself an entire round of bread & bloater paste--tin loaf--because the body refuses to consider itself dined on one piece of flounder & an orange--I didn't know that Life held anything so ineffably delicious as this bread.
I mean, how would you react if someone said "Ah've just been down the vapour to give the geezer the sausage for the haddock?" This rather alarming statement translates so: "I've been down to the pub (vapour rub) to give the man (geezer) the cash (sausage and mash) for the motor (haddock and bloater.) But the magic of the old language is now being overtaken by even more terminology interspersed with acronyms that have most of us gaping in frustration.
A major reason for this regime is vanity - as a chap who scoffs professionally, the calory-burning rigours are necessary if I'm not to turn into a bloater.
DEC recently re-introduced the bloater, a deepwater whitefish, into Lake Ontario.
To avoid the limitations of the present work, future studies should use computed tomography to detect the presence of emphysema, since our results may be biased by the relative numbers of subjects with "blue bloater" versus "pink puffer" phenotypes [22].
This appearance has given rise to the expression "blue bloater." Auscultation may reveal coarse inspiratory crackles as air moves through airways filled with secretions.
Robert Scott BACK in the days when he wasn't quite so much of a bloater, Val Kilmer put on his best poker face to star in Spartan, playing a special ops soldier hired for a top secret mission to rescue the President's kidnapped daughter.
What a magnificent curvy figure that woman has." (55) The most popular comment states, "'I bet the guy doing the spraying loves his job." (56) The worst-rated comment states, "A bit of a bloater for a size 10?
But The Only Way Is Essex bloater JAMES 'ARG' ARGENT would disagree, judging by Friday night in Marbella.