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Synonyms for blitzkrieg

a swift advance or attack


Synonyms for blitzkrieg

a swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment

fight a quick and surprising war

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The book tells the story of the Luftwaffe in chronological order, from the days of the secret air force after World War I, through the testing of new tactics in Spain, through Germany's Blitzkrieg in Europe, and ending with the eventual failures in Russia and overall defeat.
Although Project Blitzkrieg hasn't yet infected thousands of victims and we cannot directly confirm any cases of fraud, the attackers have managed to run an operation undetected for several months while infecting a few hundred," it added.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Air Defense units tested their capability of confronting and repelling massive enemy blitzkriegs in the last stage of their drills in the Eastern parts of the country.
When Rodney wrote to challenge me about stormtroopers and blitzkrieg being synonymous with Nazis my reaction was 'no they're not'.
A blitzkrieg on the senses from the opening frames, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World will appeal to young, techno-savvy audiences who live vicariously through their joypads and remotes.
95) provides a fine survey of the German Pionier troops who were at the front of the blitzkrieg.
Plans have been submitted for several more across the Republic in a Tesco-style blitzkrieg.
Short and moderately sweet, this fast-moving romp understands that its target youth audience has a limited attention span - thus Rodriguez unleashes a blitzkrieg of digital effects, slapstick and explosions, bolted together as chronologically-fractured chapters.
95), for example, offers the final volume in a trilogy and is a recommended pick for those with the prior 2, covering the aircraft that represented the Nazi Blitzkrieg and completing the publishers' history of the Luftwaffe's World War II bomber.
About 30 of us started this two-week Pacific Rim blitzkrieg last weekend to help bring greater trade and commerce to the city.
Titled The Blitzkrieg Legend: The 1940 Campaign in the West, the book was unavailable to most English-speaking readers until recently, when it was translated with the help of retired US Army historian John Greenwood.
Providing a fun selection of music from rock and roll, punk, alternative, and classic rock for a superb interest for children ages 5 and older, Eat Every Bean And Pea On Your Plate offers young listeners exciting songs including: It's a Kids' World (3:43); For Those About to Walk, We Salute You (3:58); Cryin' in the Dugout (3:42); Irritation Man (3:00); Blitzkrieg Bop (Kids' Beat Bop) (1:57); Hang Up and Drive (3:41); To Sir with Love (instrumental) (2:26); Pink Floyd Saves Hugh Manatee (4:10); Dads Who Rock (3:06); Listen to the Flower People (2:22); I Never Twang For My Father (instrumental) (2:08); The Guy Who Couldn't Make a Rhyme (6:26); and the title track Eat Every Bean and Pea on Your Plate (2:44).
Baron Blitzkrieg can make up for a disappointing run at Southwell on his latest start with victory in the Weatherbys Bank Novices' Handicap Chase.
They dug into the iron-hard ground near the German frontier in bitter December weather, only to suddenly find themselves fighting for their lives when the final German blitzkrieg erupted out of the Ardennes Forest in front of them.