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Synonyms for blitz

Synonyms for blitz

(American football) defensive players try to break through the offensive line

a swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment

attack suddenly and without warning

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9 and 10 show Mike blitzing through the strong-side B gap and the Strong Tandem blitzing through the weak-side A gap.
This kind of step will also enable the blocker to pick up a blitzing linebacker or stunting lineman entering the blocker's inside gap, as well as put him on a path to block a linebacker inside of them.
2, have the LB and CB switch assignments, with the CB blitzing the QB and the LB taking the pitchman.
We blitzed about 50% of the time last year, and the combination of multiple fronts and blitzing gave the offensive coordinators a lot of food for thought in game-planning against us.
The FB must work his way through the playside A gap, and is responsible for picking up a blitzing LB or another unaccounted defensive man in the area.
The FB again takes a lateral step, checks for a blitzing LB, and then reads the block of the pulling lineman.