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Synonyms for blitz

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Synonyms for blitz

(American football) defensive players try to break through the offensive line

a swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment

attack suddenly and without warning

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School visits will be organised nationwide in April, to give details of how to get involved in these Blitzes, and outline the long term benefits of being part of a team and a GAA Club.
College names are used to call the blitzes: Spartan denotes a blitz from the strong side.
For example, if the first defender inside a playside guard is the backside linebacker and a playside linebacker blitzes the inside gap, the guard must block the playside linebacker even though the LB was not aligned inside of him.
We also install a corner blitz to get an unblocked corner into the "chaos area." When the "O" line put their hands on the ground, the GB comes up to the LOS a couple yards outside the OE and WB and blitzes quickly into the backfield at the snap.
The third key is to decide which of your blitzes will be effective against the specific option.
Third, a combination of the above with some deception and/or zone blitzes.
The left HB ("B") has free release to the flat, while the right HB ("A") checks inside because of the "out" call and watches "M." He is ready to block "M" if he blitzes, or to release on a flare route if he drops.
The opposing coaches are going to put all kinds of pressure on the quarterback, using all kinds of blitzes to break down the protection.
Most high school football coaches resign themselves to playing a safe, maximum coverage defense, one that rarely blitzes and that uses a "bend but don't break" approach.