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Synonyms for blitz

Synonyms for blitz

(American football) defensive players try to break through the offensive line

a swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment

attack suddenly and without warning

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School visits will be organised nationwide in April, to give details of how to get involved in these Blitzes, and outline the long term benefits of being part of a team and a GAA Club.
It would be beneficial to have the Dogs fake blitzes with simple up/back and in/out movements pre- snap.
Kerr began the game with corner blitzes, but it wasn't long before linebackers and safeties were blitzing.
Never block a head-up defender unless he slants, pinches, or blitzes across your face as he tries to release inside.
This year, almost every club in the league has some variation of zone blitzes.
The Bears had a more aggressive mind-set with more blitzes and man coverage.
When the "O" line put their hands on the ground, the GB comes up to the LOS a couple yards outside the OE and WB and blitzes quickly into the backfield at the snap.
The third key is to decide which of your blitzes will be effective against the specific option.
Third, a combination of the above with some deception and/or zone blitzes.