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Synonyms for blitz

Synonyms for blitz

(American football) defensive players try to break through the offensive line

a swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment

attack suddenly and without warning

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You can read about the experiences of all the teachers who have participated in the Bush Blitz TeachLive program since 2013 on the ASTA website http://asta.
Government Buildings, in Victoria Street, was burnt out during the May Blitz and demolished - the site became a car park and is now being developed
Blitz recovered by the time we arrived home, and to this day he's had no long-term effects.
Were spending an additional $39 million over the next three years, including the $9 million quality blitz, to ramp up quality checks and investigate providers who arent giving Victorian students the skills they need to get and retain jobs.
Tucked away in the rafters of his new garage was a Blitz Fogger.
An amateur has to play lot of blitz games just to prepare for this tournament.
With both defence coming out on top, there was no score before the fourth quarter when, after replacements on both sides, Blitz made the most of blown coverages with two touchdown passes to finish the match 43-0.
Blitz brings simplicity and agility to performance testing by enabling developers to instantly burst up to 200,000 concurrent users against an app in seconds.
Blitz, one of the UK's longest-running video games developers, announced it was to close on September 12, with around 175 people losing their jobs.
DOZENS of jobs look set to be saved after gaming firms Codemasters and Rebellion moved in to recruit skilled staff axed following the closure of Leamington's Blitz Games Studios.
But blitz day events have the potential to spiral out of control.
GATESHEAD Senators youth team lost 44-14 to London Blitz in the Britbowl Junior Final in London.
MARK BLITZ OFFERS US A SWEEPING view of Plato's Political Philosophy-a "generalizing approach," as he says, that can "bring together Plato's separate conversations.
Jennifer Blitz, RDH, BS, didn't care about school as a teenager, but as an adult she sees education as essential for opening doors and continuing to learn.
A series of events are planned to commemorate the blitz in Swansea, including: A new exhibition entitled Ugly Lovely Town showing how Swansea has changed over the centuries.