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Synonyms for blitz

Synonyms for blitz

(American football) defensive players try to break through the offensive line

a swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment

attack suddenly and without warning

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The statement lays out in clear detail the threat posed by Project Blitz, calling the effort "a three-tiered framework of state bills meant to incrementally redefine religious freedom and tear down the separation of church and state, with each tier laying the groundwork for the next."
Recommendations A Nortje top Cape Town Blitz bowler 1pt 3-1 bet365 R McLaren top NM Giants bowler 1pt 9-2 bet365
Fred's additionally argued that its interests were wrapped up in Blitz's by virtue of their indemnity agreement and that a claim against them would equate to a claim against Blitz, which had already been absolved by the settlement.
Lasting hours, the Coventry Blitz was a period of sustained attack which killed hundreds of people and had ramifications on our city for decades as Coventry changed beyond all recognition.
First of all we decided on the area to blitz. We decided to do 20 x 20m in the scrubby bush corner of the school, near the council yards.
These include player visits to the clubs in addition to the blitz and tickets and signed Falcons' items to use in raffles.
"The Adventures of Blitz and Uncle Drake: The Beginning" is the first title in a series of books in the category of Young Reader Transitional Chapter Book.
BLITZ CHAMPZ is a football card game for jocks and nerds.
Blitz focuses on the descriptors of 'push-pull' and 'freedom of movement' as a framework to guide the reader in understanding reasons a person chooses to migrate.
After a fruitful morning, my younger dog, Blitz, began whining.
This Week: Jonathan Blitz, President of the South Central Region for Sprint Corp.
For one night only this autumn friends and family of the late Steve Strange are bringing the Blitz back to life in Porthcawl's Grand Pavilion.
A NUMBER of events have been planned to mark the Blitz's 75th anniversary.