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Synonyms for blithe

Synonyms for blithe

free from care or worry

characterized by joyful exuberance

Synonyms for blithe

lacking or showing a lack of due concern

Related Words

carefree and happy and lighthearted

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There are over one hundred richly hued pictures which yield sheer pleasure as well as large amounts of information: the different lifestyles and occupations of mankind, natural and man-made locations, desert sands and forest glades, animals wild and domesticated, the creepiest of insects, the blithest of birds, and lyrical sky and seascapes.
We hope that, aside from Awra, the impersonation tilt has enough 'risk-taking' contestants to fully live up to and vivify its idea people's brightest, blithest and most far-out concepts.
There is the move to Cambridge, Massachusetts, when Dad, Arthur Sr., an eminent scholar in his own right and an early champion of the groundbreaking "New History" movement, joins the Harvard faculty; the years growing up in a home full of politics and history, music and scintillating conversation, a home so routinely crowded with the blithest spirits and finest minds of academia that young Arthur initially mistakes the great western historian Bernard DeVoto for the family bootlegger.
Assorted filmoids have been complaining that among its other faults, the film is a work of the blithest sexism.