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Synonyms for blithesome

characterized by joyful exuberance

Synonyms for blithesome

carefree and happy and lighthearted

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Examples include such names as Betty Blithesome, Madame de Fayke (a psychic donkey who reads hoofs), Tottenhots, Professor Nowitall, Nuphsed, Ann Soforth, Tom Ato, Grunter Swyne (a pig), Miss Trust, Duchess Bredenbutta and hundreds of others.
Consider poet James Russell Lowell's view: "Dear common flower that grow'st beside the way," he wrote, "flinging the dusty road with harmless gold, first pledge of blithesome May."
Everyone at St Andrews shares a common bond - a love of golf - and the resulting atmosphere is blithesome.
found that quiet domestic happiness which her cheerful, blithesome
A new record, "Beatin' the Heat" on the indie Surfdog label, finds this former San Francisco bar fixture still at the top of his game, and the live presentation only enhances his material and reputation as a man of blithesome wit.
He goes on to meditate further on time and decay, and the distinct absence of medieval minstrels 'who sang the blithesome roundelay' down on the esplanade, before rounding off his poem (like any good sermon) with a lament on mankind and the futility of earthly grandeur.
The transition is from shadowy evil to the clearest and most blithesome benevolence.
Vilified all down the decades by those who, in their blithesome ignorance and for their own conceits, have cast him in an evil role, the guilty male destructor, abandoner of the striving poetess and mother - latter-day sainted feminist icon - Hughes has kept silent as the Heptonstall grave.