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in a joyous manner

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Up rose Robin Hood one merry morn when all the birds were singing blithely among the leaves, and up rose all his merry men, each fellow washing his head and hands in the cold brown brook that leaped laughing from stone to stone.
That will I," said Alleyne, blithely, and bent to the task.
In it was a shallow pool--a glimmering green sheet of water on whose banks nymphs might dance as blithely as ever they did on Argive hill or in Cretan dale.
Sabin's fingers closed over the note, and he stepped blithely into the carriage.
Israelis, who blithely call the eve of January 1st "Sylvester", and Jews who celebrate "New Year's Eve" as the civil year is ushered in, may not be aware of its tragic significance in Jewish history.
This travesty is blithely accepted by Alex Salmond the leader of the Scottish National Party, whose ambition is to achieve the separation of Scotland from England.
Her young lad blithely told the camera that he looked at porn on his mum's computer and didn't bother deleting the history "because she never checks".
However, the main concern and some Irish people realise what is happening is that Irish sovereignty is being further eroded while the Eurocrats use the situation to increase central EU authority, which in turn undermines each of the other 26 EU members' sovereignty and we are blithely paying hand over fist towards it.
Malawi''s deputy minister in the office of president and cabinet, Nicholas Dausi, blithely said: "We expect the usual flow of British aid .
CRITICS of the high level of public sector employment in the North East blithely pass over the manner in which other opportunities have been denied to a region and its people eager for work.
They were blithely ignored - leaving many of them to believe that nothing on earth would have shifted a pre-determined decision.
Nil desperandum: don't despair For we, the voters, do not care; Why, given half a chance, we would Do what they, so blithely, could.
Coun Hunt assumes that it is reasonable to berate a poorly paid workforce for having the nerve to strike against a pay cut whilst blithely ignoring his duty of care towards that workforce.
And the top-brass cannot continue to blithely ignore the growing clamour for a medal to mark their sacrifice.
nor the kind that blithely owns the mill, the mine, the store, that