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  • adj

Synonyms for blithe

Synonyms for blithe

free from care or worry

characterized by joyful exuberance

Synonyms for blithe

lacking or showing a lack of due concern

Related Words

carefree and happy and lighthearted

References in classic literature ?
These thoughts came and went as he watched the white figure in front, felt the enchantment of the music, and found everybody unusually blithe and beautiful.
Away to your chamber, sweeting, and keep a blithe face, for she who confesses is shriven.
our journey lies through dell and dingle, Where the blithe fawn trips by its timid mother, Where the broad oak, with intercepting boughs, Chequers the sunbeam in the green-sward alley Up and away!
Of cooks and cook-maids there were over fifty, all clean, brisk, and blithe. In the capacious belly of the ox were a dozen soft little sucking-pigs, which, sewn up there, served to give it tenderness and flavour.
So he set forth upon his way with blithe heart; for it was a day when the whole face of the earth seemed glad and rejoicing in pulsing life.
The youth, considering himself as separated from the others, was saddened by the blithe and merry speeches that went from rank to rank.
He was as blithe and joyous as a young bird, and was staying the keenness of his morning's appetite by chewing the soft bark of a delicate branch he held in his hand, and he recommended the like to me as an admirable antidote against the gnawings of hunger.
These blithe assurances from the court, however, give little comfort to mall owners forced to accommodate social activists while still engaging in commercial activity - especially since they fear any such restrictions they might impose could be challenged with a lawsuit that they might lose.
The national mythology rests on the blithe conviction that amateurs can run a democracy.
STRICTLY Come Dancing star Russell Grant is to revive a little known piece of Portmeirion history next month, staging spooky comedy Blithe Spirit.
CHESTER 1.45 Big Johnny D 2.15 Somewhat 2.45 Hillstar 3.15 Blithe Spirit 3.50 Gabrial's Bounty 4.25 Polar Eyes 5.00 Running Deer.
Not long after the Wallaw cinema first opened, Noel Coward wrote Blithe Spirit, the title taken from Percy Shelley's poem To a Skylark.
Those who prefer car chases and CGI explosions to mellifluously enunciated dialogue are advised to look elsewhere, but as suave drawing room comedies go, "Blithe Spirit," which enjoyed a revival on Broadway last year, is music to the ears.
Sunday, March 15; "Blithe Spirit" stars Angela Lansbury and Christine Ebersole celebrated the play's Broadway opening during a party al Sardi's in New York.
This season the Sassoon look is called Blithe and takes its inspiration from the discreet American elegance of the 40s and 50s, and from soft, luxurious fabrics like cashmere and jersey.