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  • adj

Synonyms for blithe

Synonyms for blithe

free from care or worry

characterized by joyful exuberance

Synonyms for blithe

lacking or showing a lack of due concern

Related Words

carefree and happy and lighthearted

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Candidly describing herself as an "accidental, self-taught designer," Blithe is actually a certified public accountant by profession.
Eric Alston, trainer of Blithe Spirit She's in good order and seems to love it around there.
Blithe Spirit brings the supernatural through the batty seance Madam Arcati, who is called by writer Charles Gordon when he realises he wants to write a book on paranormal entities.
ParaNorman opens with a tongue-in-cheek homage to George A Romero and his bloodthirsty peers before a surprise visit from deranged uncle Prenderghast (John Goodman) casts a dark cloud over Blithe Hollow.
She has recently be seen in the Sarah Jane Adventures on TV and now, opening this week, she is starring in one of theatre's classic stage comedies, Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit - a play which has more than a hint of a North Wales in its heritage.
So the SNP's blithe interpretation doesn't stack up.
free from worry : merry, cheerful <She let out a quick, blithe laugh.
This week's films have a link to Liverpool, including Yellow Submarine, Blithe Spirit, starring Rex Harrison, and Gumshoe.
Enrolling in higher education is an attempt to escape the urban blithe, yet they enter higher education institutions and are further burdened with academic, social and financial adjustments--circumstances that their counterparts have not experienced and are, therefore, not hampered by these social and psychological burdens.
Her blithe attitude and sharp eye made work on her detailed choreography go quickly (see sidebar below).
His boss' blithe treatment of his sister feels contrived and inconsistent, as do a number of plot mechanics.
It is the decline of Republican ability to generate coherent policies in the face of their increasing division, corruption and blithe arrogance that increases the appearance of Democratic competence.
Her hem and haws and squeaks can't help but be endearing, but she appears so unconvinced by the majority of her lines that the trickier bits (like the blithe acknowledgment of her late-in-life sexuality) come off as implausible.