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packaging in which a product is sealed between a cardboard backing and clear plastic cover


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It would seem that getting the medications into the packages would be the primary objective, but sometimes a drug company finds something wrong with a blister package and needs to get their product back Out.
The company initiated an investigation following consumer reports and found that in a limited number of combination packages of Alka-Seltzer Plus Day and Night Cold Formula Liquid Gels from a single lot, the information on the underside of the blister package was reversed.
This innovative formulation, available in a blister package, offers patients the ability to take KLONOPIN(R) in a more convenient manner, ensuring privacy, flexibility and relief of panic attacks associated with panic disorder," says Harold Shlevin, Ph.
The blister package design, as well as the information on the blister package and on the blister and bottle cartons may be confusing and could lead to improper dosing, including over-dosing.
The Med-ic(TM) Smart Package is the only blister package compliance product that requires neither expensive proprietary packaging technology, nor active patient participation in its use".
Strict regulations, demands from manufacturers and consumers alike has created robust demand for blister packages.
Purchased by Heidelberg in 2011, CSAT products include digital equipment for printing on pharmaceutical blister packages and other materials, and more recently, the Heidelberg Linoprint L, a full color DoD inkjet printer for labels and flexible packaging materials.