blister copper

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an impure form of copper having a black blistered surface

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In 2012, blister copper and copper cathode produced by the Group amounted to 175,280 tonnes and 22,315 tonnes respectively, representing increases of 16.2% and 218.7% respectively, over the same period in the previous year; and the sulfuric acid generated increased by 28.7% over 2011 to 423,494 tonnes.
City Energy & Infrastructure said it would construct the east African country's first ever copper smelter with a capacity of 300,000 tonnes of blister copper per year.
The secondary industry was also characterised by weakened performance in the manufacturing sector as a result of the reduced production of beer, soft drinks and blister copper. On the other hand, activities in the construction sector gained some momentum as reflected in the growth of the value of buildings completed.
Saindak's concentrate/ blister copper would also be used in the refinery proposed to be set up as part of Reko Diq project.
The matte is then oxidized in the third stove or the converting furnace to turn out blister copper (Cu: 98.5%).
Two electrical generating powerhouses were built, one coal fired and the other hydroelectric, to operate the mine, mill and smelter complex that produced blister copper (~99% purity).
It's believed a malfunction in the number two anode furnace resulted in a spill of blister copper. An investigation team is determining the exact cause of the problem.
The existing flash smelting furnace will be modified for the production of blister copper from a mixture of concentrate and white metal (high grade copper matte) produced by Codelco's technology.
One of these was that there was no refinery on site for the blister copper, which was extracted, and this had to be taken to China or Iran for refining.
The mine produced 16m tonnes of copper ore which was treated at the Kasese concentrator and the Jinja smelter and an additional 0.3m tonnes of blister copper was exported.
The smelter produces blister copper (98% Cu) for shipment to the copper refinery and a slow-cooled Bessemer matte (75% Cu + Ni) which is separated at the matte separation plant into nickel sulfides (mainly heazlewoodite), metallics and copper sulfide (chalcocite).
In the past, Balochistan and its nationals is the net loser as a result of the massive Chinese exploitation of copper and gold mines with full speed and taking the blister copper to China.
blister copper production by 10.1% to 9,025 tons, copper concentrate production by 19.4% to 153,321 tons, aluminum foil production by
Its third project will see the construction of East Africa's first copper smelter, with a capacity of 300,000 tonnes of blister copper per year, to be mined from Rukuwa, north of Zambia's copper belt.