blister blight

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a disease of Scotch pines

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a disease of tea plants

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At the turn of the century, blister blight proved to be a severe and crippling concern for planters in Assam.
Samuel Peal is also reported to have written on the blister blight of tea as far back as 1868 but this source remains untraced; quoted in Harold H Mann, 'The Blister Blight of Tea', Indian Tea Association Circulars, No.
Mann, The Blister Blight of Tea, Indian Tea Association Circular No.
3/1910, MSS EUR/F/174/1517, Asian and African Studies, British Library, London; interestingly, there is no mention about the 1868 article on the blister blight by S.
Whilst this took care of some of the nutrition requirements of the tea bush, shade regulation helped in minimizing Blister Blight, and an additional bonus was discovered when it was noticed that the Neem cake being applied to the soil was acting as a repellent to the mite.