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Synonyms for blissfulness

a state of extreme happiness

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including: empowerment and terror, blissfulness and exhaustion,
David Lynch, being such a giant Hollywood personality, has set standards to sow seeds of blissfulness. He is an iconic personality and has an inexhaustible fund of divine peace and harmony.
But her period of blissfulness is very short lived as she soon discovers the way she has been deceived by Ed - the writer of all the encrypted letters.
The Summer of Joy will also return this year celebrating happiness and blissfulness, with a diverse range of cultural, educational, and entertaining programmes.
It's odd for me to be sitting, reading a newspaper without having him crawl onto my lap and paw away, while he dribbled cat saliva all over my trousers in a purr of blissfulness.
Hinduism started with the Vedic and Upanishad-based idea of Godhead Niguna Brahma (with the qualities of sat, chit, and ananda: existence, consciousness, and blissfulness).