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completely happy and contented

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In addition to winning praise from The Village Company, AWT won best of category and best of class for the Blissful Body product line in the Printing Industry Midwest award competition.
In addition to the September 27th Soiree, Blissful Elegance Events and Jericho Road have put together a series of online banners that can lead your readers to more information on how to recognize domestic violence in its many forms and get the help they need.
Blissful Moment may be one of the lowest-rated contenders but he looks a thoroughly progressive type and merits the utmost respect at a decent price.
In fact, blissful people may even be less likely to survive than mostly happy people because they don't worry enough about issues that affect their health and well-being.
Short stanzas reflect upon topics as great as global warming to the blissful seasonal transformations wrought in the month of October to the moment-by-moment experience of a lunar eclipse.
That kind of intimacy blossomed in the three-person pieces, especially as performers coalesced into blissful circles--face to face, joining hands--amid longing or strife.
If he can, he'll have some blissful time on his own before having to head back home--and maybe he'll teach his parents a lesson.
McCoo and Davis, singers of the Grammy-winning group The 5th Dimension, offer inspirational and motivational advice to those couples--especially living in Hollywood--who desire and strive to maintain a blissful and well-balanced relationship.
It's about learning to feel comfortable in your own body; it's a way of blissful self-expression; it's a vehicle to access your core energy; it's an emotional release; it's a celebration of spirit.
Marriage, as the blissful culmination of courtship and the orderly remedy for chaos, is well-represented in paintings by Hals and Molenaer.
Instead follow our guide to Ten Blissful Things To Do In Birmingham and Beyond and enjoy a joyous January.
She kicks off the ebullient set with the percolating "The Only Thing Missin'," followed by the blissful and bouncy "Wonderful," and the infectious "Holdin' On," which features Mary J.
On a metaphorical level, the seemingly infinite expanse within the frame of an Abstract Expressionist painting merges with the blissful space of the city park: two repositories of libidinal energy.
Specialists in Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, and the rest wrote (and trained others to write) their interpretations and literary histories in blissful ignorance of such facts.
Moviemaking was for him the greatest of challenges, each time plunging him into the depths of creative anguish, bringing with each blissful accomplishment an investigation of self that left him spent.