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a sudden minor shock or meaningless interruption

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a radar echo displayed so as to show the position of a reflecting surface

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In addition, they generally increase with age, as ( factors such as aging, sleep deprivation, anxiety and alcohol can all play a role, although even children can experience occasional brain blips.
The applied blips can lead either to a regular combustion and an increase of the engine speed or to a stall of the engine.
The most common definitions describe blips as isolated viral load measurements above the assay detection limit (usually 50 HIV-1 RNA copies/mL) but less than 500 copies/mL to 1000 copies/mL, in patients with previously undetectable HIV-1 RNA and in whom the subsequent test is again below the limit of quantification.
All notices and correspondence regarding blips and claims must be sent to:
"It has got very close, which is the result of our blip, but the consolation is that we haven't lost a lot of ground because other teams have been slipping up as well," said Worthington.
Intensive sampling over a 3- to 4-month period in 10 HIV-positive patients with long-term infection control revealed that blips usually have short duration (median of less than 3 days) and low magnitude (median of 79 copies/mL).
And the word will be (drum roll) blip, as in when a football team can't win a game.
While there were occasional blips of viral load, even in rare cases to a few hundred copies, when we kept them on the five-day on two-day off they would re-suppress, at least out to week 24.
Right now you would probably have to say it's a blip, but it should be noted that goals are in relatively short supply in the Coca-Cola League as well.
171, 2001), researchers analyzed the frequency of temporary, low-level increases in viral load ("blips") and whether such episodes could predict failure of anti-HIV drugs.
An abstract presented at the XIII International AIDS Conference lends evidence that viral "blips" (transient and quantifiable increases in viral load) in HIV-infected patients may not predispose individuals to full-blown viral rebound.
But a moving asteroid would appear as two nearby blips.
About a year ago, however, MDH process technologist John Goff and Dynisco UK's Bill Davies theorized that these blips might be something more than noise and might even reveal something about the molding process.
"It is one of those blips we have to get over and get over quick," he said.
We had a blip against Crusaders, but we will have blips during the season, as all teams will.