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a sudden minor shock or meaningless interruption

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a radar echo displayed so as to show the position of a reflecting surface

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com/2015/01/27/brain-fart-science/#NRJ9bOPh6OqL) factors such as aging, sleep deprivation, anxiety and alcohol can all play a role, although even children can experience occasional brain blips.
As visible the manual and the automated throttle blips are matching well with a slightly longer duration of the automated blip.
The most common definitions describe blips as isolated viral load measurements above the assay detection limit (usually 50 HIV-1 RNA copies/mL) but less than 500 copies/mL to 1000 copies/mL, in patients with previously undetectable HIV-1 RNA and in whom the subsequent test is again below the limit of quantification.
All notices and correspondence regarding blips and claims must be sent to:
Look at this quote from last month: "In the overall picture, it is a blip and we will get ready for the next one (match).
We were convicned that some of those blips represented eels.
KPMG and the other defendants collected tens of millions of dollars in fees from the OPIS and BLIPS schemes, even though, as the complaint alleges, defendants knew they were abusive tax shelters that lacked any economic substance and were highly unlikely to be approved by the IRS.
Their lurking presence is amplified by Goran Vejvoda's taped musical score, which fuses the blips and beeps of hospital machinery such as electrocardiograms and scanners with Bach, warbled speech, dripping water, revving engines, and other sounds.
said, "When the winning products are played and heard, there will be no misconceptions of bleeps and blips anymore.
While his friends experience only minor blips over their ``firsts'' - riding a bike, moving to a new area - Tutter is seriously scared.
How else account for Rhythm Plus (1991), a modestly quirky pseudo-ballet, and Impromptu (1993), which featured mirrored balls spinning at different speeds, filling the stage with dizzying blips of light?
There is a tiny little black and white picture of ``He Who Shall Not Be Named'' that blips on the screen for a moment, perhaps to make sure the voters know who she's talking about.
While there are some random blips and bleeps on the new record, especially on the eerie ``If You Wear That Velvet Dress,'' some tracks are as conventional as anything on ``The Joshua Tree.
Given the ground-breaking marketing plan that surrounds the album's release - for example, the use of a series of 40-50 iconographic visual blips (from 15 to 60 seconds long) instead of conventional, stylized video clips - the immediate success of KID A is proof that Capitol is comfortable with breaking the rules to get the job done.