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Synonyms for blip

a sudden minor shock or meaningless interruption

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a radar echo displayed so as to show the position of a reflecting surface

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"When I began writing this book in 1998, New York was awash with police brutality against blacks and (as the Amnesty International report extensively quoted in BLIP points out) it had been going on for years," says author Idrian Resnick.
"Most of the time we are multitasking in our minds, and when we do common activities and repetitive tasks our brains go into default mode," Braun told Medical Daily, explaining that many blips occur from not really paying attention to the task at hand.
Although the impact of BLIP is investigated in recent researches, studies related to BLIP under V2V environment are very rare and some major issues still remain untacked, for example, the interrelationship between fundamental diagram, speed-density relationship, and road capacity of V2V-based BLIP, the impact of various factors on BLIP such as lane-changing rules, long bus departure intervals, vehicle lengths, and acceleration, and frequently ping-pong lane-changing pattern.
Mr Ali told the court: "His resolve has been tested due to his personal circumstances but he puts this down to a blip.
He grain harvest season in South America is the cause for the blip because freight rates from the region to China have improved.
If we perceived a pattern of smokes, we then armed our bombs and dropped them at the next blip. Unfortunately this area had a very swift current and moved our smoke floats very fast.
"Rossouw de Klerk scored a fantastic try to put us in a very good position but a blip in the backs took it away from us.
Download BLIP user manual and order boards:
According to Rosstat, IP growth printed a blip up to 2.1% YoY in February, from the 0.2% YoY drop at the beginning of this year.
Boss Pearson does not need reminding that a blip of one win in 13 games a year ago left Leicester perilously close to even missing out on the play-offs.
A FLAT month of high street sales has been played down as a blip rather than a major concern by a Cardiff-based banker.
the Bha yesterday dismissed as a blip the issuing of 38 days of whip bans by stewards last week, and revealed the number of suspensions for whip offences had dropped by 30 per cent since the rules were revised just less than a year ago, writes Jon Lees.
Ferguson said United's failure in the Champions League and the Europa League, which cost them 13.4 million pounds, was a mere blip, and you won't see that again.
Occasionally, transient low-level viremia (ie, a viral blip) is detected by viral load assays, often causing anxiety on the part of patients and clinicians about pending virologic failure or the emergence of drug resistance The occurrence of viral blips may lead clinicians to order costly and unnecessary tests and alter medication regimens of otherwise well-controlled patients.