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Russian pancake of buckwheat flour and yeast

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now they diligently search out everything related to popular antiquity: both songs and superstitions; how is it that what out forefathers ate has been left in oblivion; really this is no trifle." (49) The bliny-lover then turned to a tale of his search for bliny while living as an expatriate in Berlin.
Desserts: Pancakes (bliny) - served with soured cream, honey or jam Pastries (pirozhky) - the pastries with apple are most popular Honey (med) - honey from the Altay region is considered to be the finest
French galettes, Japanese soba noodles, Russian bliny and Ukrainian hrechanyky are all made with buckwheat.
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BLINY: Pancakes are high up on the menu for Russians.
There were snack bars serving pelmeni (famous Siberian meat dumplings), bliny bars (something like pancake houses), chebureks houses (serving a kind of meat pasty eaten in Crimea and the Caucasus), doughnut houses, shashlik houses (where you can eat pieces of mutton roasted on a spit), and various cafes and dining rooms.
The Polish stroganofs, the Baltic bliny pancakes, Russian borscht soups, even delicious Greek salads couldn't compare with a Bled cream cake.
It can seem at times that the maternal grandmother brings a redemption of bliny and byliny, of sweet pancakes and heroic tales: "I had been as if asleep, hidden in a dark corner, but she appeared, awakened me, led me out into the light, wrapped everything around me into one sustained thread and wove from it all many-colored lace" (14).