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(Judaism) thin pancake folded around a filling and fried or baked

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Food vendors will be serving salmon burgers, blintzes, knishes, egg rolls, enchiladas, tofu, ice cream and, of course, items incorporating hemp.
There also are baking mixes and breakfast and ready to serve freezer items such as new blintzes and sweet potato pancakes.
There are Hungarian palacsinta, Jewish blintzes, Russian blini, Swedish plattar, Mexican tortillas, American hotcakes, German pfannkucken, Austrian nockerin, Australian pikelets and Welsh crempog.
I spent a lazy afternoon here, tucking into Jewish dishes such as blintzes (a type of pancake), hummus, vine leaves and stuffed aubergines - all washed down with ice-cold mint water.
Included are vegetarian, white and cold borschts, cabbage soup, potato, cheese, spinach and cheese, arugula and goat cheese and sweet potato pierogis, stuffed cabbage, cheese blintzes, beet salad, beef stroganoff and poppy seed cake along with a special Christmas Eve chapter.
Then she made cheese blintzes and I begrudgingly admired her technique.
According to Margaret Fox, breakfast can include almost anything: blintzes, black bean chili, or mango quesadillas as well as familiar items like coffee cake.
A chapter is devoted to Jewish families in the Mississippi Delta, like the Grundfests of Cary, who enjoyed treats like salted pecans and homemade blintzes topped with strawberry jelly.
There is Sweet 'n' Sour Antelope, Squirrel Casserole, Bar-B-Q Black Bear, and Coca-Cola Stew (the acid in Coca-Cola softens and sweetens wild game meat, Nuge reports), as well as milder fare like Quail Roast, Pumpkin Goulash, and even Mom's Blintzes.
Co-owner Cecilia Hughes prepares blintzes, French toast, or waffles, served with her homemade syrups and butters.
Now, fluffy flapjacks (or blintzes or omelettes or eggs over easy) no longer have to be just a Sunday morning treat, thanks to the Pancake Factory ($29.
It is every big-haired girl with big dreams to make it across the water to Manhattan, every Italian-suited Mafioso saying "fuhgeddaboudit", every Russian Jew buying blintzes and every Irish barfight on a Saturday night.
10) Published in an edition of twenty-six lettered copies as "this casually selected page," by All Kinds Blintzes Press, 2000, with the permission of Daphne Nowling.
manufacturers of the Golden brand of blintzes, potato pancakes and pierogies, has announced the introduction of an exciting new addition to their lineup -- Golden Vegetable Pancakes.