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small Indian lettuce of northern regions

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But the sense of being blinked at watchfully behind the blind glitter of these eye-glasses on the other side of the table disconcerted him.
He continued his plodding pursuit, though once, for the moment baffled, he came to a full stop and blinked at the men who looked on, at the same time wagging his stump of a tail as an expression of his willingness to fight.
"Formerly all the world was insane,"--say the subtlest of them, and blink thereby.
"We have discovered happiness,"--say the last men, and blink thereby.--
Common artefacts to look out for include those associated with blinks, motion and incomplete scans.
The idea, as Lyu described, revolves around spotting how frequently the subject in the video blinks his or her eyes.
A team of computer scientists has introduced a new approach to address this problem by leveraging a natural human phenomenon: eye blinks.
And two such persons who have set their monetary goal for their new project, Blinks, telling the world what it is they're trying to do, and crossing their fingers as their project opens for donations are the enterprising duo, Kristy Faulhaber and Carlo Micceri.
In addition, EOG with more blinks deviated heavily, even with a blink detection method, linear insertion cannot completely compensate for these effects.
The only way I could communicate was by way of a blink code, using the blinks of my eyes to express certain words: one blink for yes, two blinks for no, etc.
David Sowerby and John Ellis were representing Ravensthorpe, Darren Turner and Nick Spivey were to compete for the Holme Valley, and Simon Blinks, Richard Blinks, Tony Gruszka and Andy Whitworth were from the Road Club.
Dawn uses a laptop that translates her blinks into text.
As well as the regular blinks your eyes also go into blink mode if something like a bug is coming towards you.