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Synonyms for blink


on the blink

the blink of an eye


  • an instant
  • a second
  • a minute
  • no time
  • a flash
  • a moment
  • a split second
  • a tick
  • a twinkling
  • a trice
  • a jiffy
  • two shakes
  • a shake
  • two shakes of a lamb's tail
  • the bat of an eye
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Synonyms for blink

to open and close the eyes rapidly

to shine with intermittent gleams

to pretend not to see

a brief closing of the eyes

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Synonyms for blink

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When you learn that he and Steffi don't let their children attend tennis classes - and understand why- you'd have a heart of stone not to be blinking back tears.
ONE had to feel sorry for the woman, blinking back tears on camera as she described the "horror" of the Christmas floods that had engulfed her home.
Blinking back tears, the 55-year-old from Middlesbrough said: "I think it's brilliant what they are doing for him.
Blinking back tears, John described in vivid detail his final hours of the honeymoon with Michaela.
He said: "Is the truth in fact not that you can't remember what happened but that you are trying to tell the jury that you have no memory because you have not got an explanation for what you did?" Blinking back tears Arnold, of Inglewood, Croxteth, replied: "For the past 18 months I have been trying.
Blinking back the tears, blonde Verity entered cold storage where she will be preserved in readiness for the inevitable X Factor Tour.
In the tape, a clearly distraught Hassan spoke directly into the camera, blinking back tears.
Chloe, blinking back tears, said: "I don't even have words at the moment, that's disgusting, to be married and then try to crack on with someone on TV when your wife is going to see that.
The majority of the evening will be spent blinking back tears of laughter, but every so often a moment arises that raises an issue on a slightly more serious note, which is vital for rendering the show more meaningful and heartfelt.
Grant said: "I'm not an emotional person but I was blinking back tears when the chairman told me.
Later, blinking back tears, Danny referred to Bo's mother, who is battling cancer.
Blinking back tears, landlady Olwyn McPhillips said: "I'm emotional, it's terrible.
BLINKING back tears, a worker told a manslaughter jury of the moment Maurice Agis's Dreamspace artwork swept two women to their deaths.
But the 46-year-old actor, who denies the allegations and is fighting to clear his name, was soon blinking back tears after the warm welcome back by cast mates and crew, who told him: "We're with you, mate."
When victory was complete she collapsed to the track and for long minute after long minute she sucked in oxygen, blinking back the tears, unaware of her opponents and oblivious it seemed to the euphoria all around.