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Synonyms for blinking

closing the eyes intermittently and rapidly


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informal intensifiers

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References in classic literature ?
Sometimes as he crouched there, blinking dreamily at the flames, it seemed that the flames were of another fire, and that as he crouched by this other fire he saw another and different man from the half-breed cook before him.
And dreaming there by the Yukon bank, with lazy eyes blinking at the fire, these sounds and sights of another world would make the hair to rise along his back and stand on end across his shoulders and up his neck, till he whimpered low and suppressedly, or growled softly, and the half-breed cook shouted at him, "Hey, you Buck, wake up!" Whereupon the other world would vanish and the real world come into his eyes, and he would get up and yawn and stretch as though he had been asleep.
That's where the mistake is." He sat awhile and shook, blinking in his plate: "He was all the brother that ever I had," he added, but with no heart in his voice; and then he caught up his spoon and fell to supper again, but still shaking.
They circled all around the cavern, keeping a good distance away from the blinking yellow eyes of the dragonettes, and presently discovered that there were two paths leading from the wall opposite to the place where they had entered.
It is doubtful if he saw anything or anyone on this earth; it is substantially certain that he did not see a stunted, round-faced priest who, in the crowd below, looked up at him with blinking eyes.
At last he said, blinking as if in bodily distress: "Well, if that is so, sir, you need do no more than take the testamentary paper you spoke of and go.
Through her window she saw the light blinking palely against the blue skies of dawn.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The latest iteration of an eye-on-a-chip has a mechanical eyelid to simulate blinking and was used to test an experimental drug for dry eye disease.
Patients with dry eye can use ocular lubricant eye drops to minimise any excessive blinking. The patient should keep looking at the fixation target and try not to move their eyes or become distracted.
However, if the clip is morphed, chances are that the rate of blinking won't be normal or won't be there at all.
The tests relied on unconscious natural eye blinking, but the researchers say redirection during blinking could be carried out consciously.
Key words: Headache--diagnosis; Migraine disorders--diagnosis; Blinking; Electromyography; Predictive value of tests
Previous research has shown blinking frequently occurs when attention is lowered, for instance during pauses in conversations and at the end of film scenes.
Reading is an intense workout for the eyes and the orbicularis oculi muscle that controls squinting and blinking, as Jim Reedy and Kevin Larson explain in their 2008 article "Blink: The Stress of Reading." Glare, small text, and light-colored or gray text make the eye muscle work harder, contributing to eye strain.