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Synonyms for blink


on the blink

the blink of an eye


  • an instant
  • a second
  • a minute
  • no time
  • a flash
  • a moment
  • a split second
  • a tick
  • a twinkling
  • a trice
  • a jiffy
  • two shakes
  • a shake
  • two shakes of a lamb's tail
  • the bat of an eye

Synonyms for blink

to open and close the eyes rapidly

to shine with intermittent gleams

to pretend not to see

a brief closing of the eyes

Synonyms for blink

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Despite important methodological differences across studies, findings have generally shown that blink responses are enhanced when anticipating maximally arousing pictures (either pleasant or unpleasant) compared to neutral stimuli, when participants were verbally instructed about cues-affective picture relationship before performing the task (e.
This unpredicted result did not replicate findings reported by prior studies examining the anticipation of emotionally salient, arousing pictures, which have generally found larger blink responses to emotional than to neutral stimuli (Dichter et al.
5-second intervals and measured the startle eye blink responses in the participants.