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force to go away by blinking

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The former world No.1 has announced she will step away from tournament play at the end of the year and the fitting climax to her 57th Major - Sorenstam has won 10 including the 2003 British Open - raised memories of Jack Nicklaus' birdie finish to his last Major at the 2005 Open at St Andrews As she walked towards the final green amid a torrential downpour, an emotional Sorenstam, sharing an umbrella with caddie and friend Terry McNamara, had to blink away the tears when she saw the scoreboard displaying a message that said, "Annika, you will be missed".
"The reasonable investor cannot blink away what the market sees." Zyprexa is approved to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
A TEES Valley inventor has developed a green alternative to the road danger lamps, which blink away on the top of traffic cones.
Patching over social differences can blink away the ways in which the United States treats its gay men and lesbians as second-class citizens.
Before you have a chanc blink away the spots in front of your eyes, it's stripes - would tha acid brights, pastels or neutrals?
What a ridiculous statement to make that "90% of white-collar jobs will be eliminated in the next 10 years." Ten years is just a blink away!
I, and I noticed when I looked up to blink away the tears, most other adults were reading.
And, I thought, as I closed the sunroof and settled back into traffic, it was a blessed relief from the diesel behemoths whose taillights blink away endlessly in the afternoon haze.
movie screen?) on which (and from which) are projected slides and film clips - a sort of audiovisual enactment of the global village: Sniper fire from Sarajevo can be heard behind burned-out buildings on New York's Lower East Side; skaters on Amsterdam's frozen canals are just a blink away from the sex shops in the red light district.
Miss Wrightson's mum Maureen told the court she will never be able to "blink away" the image of her daughter's battered body.
This time the 20 minutes seemed to blink away and we were alighting and moving to our waiting cars almost before we knew it.
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes may still be playing on the jukebox but drinkers at the Teac Fiddlers in North Shields and The Railway in Whitley Bay no longer have to blink away tobacco fumes.
At the UN offices in London yesterday, hearing Rolnik speak, I saw campaigners blink away tears.
And being a mere blink away from the beach makes this hotel an all-round winner.
One of the most frustrating sights for motorists is the line of lights that blink away on the tops of traffic cones laid out on motorways to highlight lane closures.