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flashy, ostentatious jewelry


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The two heat winners were the Kieran Lynch-trained Courthouse King and Pat Buckley's Bling Bling Arlo.
The famous gold "Bling Bling" building, which was home to his salon, went up for sale shortly after his death and was purchased by Signature Living.
BLING BLING BUZZ (Heat 3) can just get the better of a tight clash with Swift Marathon TYRUR BIG MIKE (Heat 4) is impossible to oppose tonight.
Mill Bling Bling set off as a 7-4 favourite in front of a huge crowd at the former Brough Park stadium and came home two lengths ahead of Tudor Prince in a time of 28.88 seconds.
And now one lucky reader could experience all of these because Style City has teamed up with Herbert of Liverpool to offer a fantastic "Bling bling makeover" worth over pounds 2,000.
I don't do bling bling parties like Usher and Pharrell Williams do.
bling bling rings are de rigeur in the world of the A-list.
Not completely blinded by all the bling bling and despite such exhibition titles as "Passing/Posing" and "Faux/Real," I'd like to point out that most talk (even the artist's own) about the work restricts itself to references to the baroque, to Tiepolo and Titian, to the sublime.
I think Mom owns a cosmetics company or something like that, but whatever the case, the place is really nice-killer view, nice swim pool, bling bling blab blah.
Top all this off with a heavy duty 24-carat Cartier watch and you are well on the way to Bling Bling.
His craze for wearing gangster style jewels - that he's affectionately titled bling bling - has become the hottest new fashion craze amongst today's rich celebs.
Oddly enough, the "Politics and Bling Bling" section captures the final thread of the challenges in this issue.
After his longtime partner, Trent, makes a devastating announcement, Raymond accepts a position as CEO of Bling Bling magazine in New York City.
REGARDING Mill Bling Bling's disqualification in the Betfred SelectStakesatNottinghamlast week, I know it looked cut and dried and people will say that hehasalwaysbeenquirkyandthat it was a long time coming.