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the side on which your vision is limited or obstructed

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Bill Morgan of BLINDSided Window Coverings said, "Our goal is to educate the community on how to get the best results for their property improvement projects.
Blindsided provides a window into the thoughts and feelings of a girl who is losing her sight.
Teachers who hand out misleading grades thereby allow some students, already let down by a school system that has failed to prepare them adequately, to be blindsided.
The landmark 1997 book by that name explored a relatively simple but confounding idea: that industry leaders spent so much time and effort mining (and perhaps dining) their best customers that they were often blindsided by disruptive innovations from smaller rivals or new technologies they might have disdained as too risky,
RETURN to Grant County, scene of Slaughter's striking debut, Blindsided.
In the months following that horrific event, the country came together in a way that had not occurred since America was blindsided in another attack--Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.
Harris examines examples of real life businesses being blindsided, such as Polaroid becoming bankrupt after failing to cope with the rise of digital photography.
Investors who claim to have been blindsided by this spring's meltdown of dot-com stocks often have no legal leg to stand on.
You can spell the word with a capital R because a series of steep backward bounces up to a standing position on the scaffold keeps the performers blindsided.
He said producers are having to structure deals carefully to avoid getting blindsided in a more volatile market.
New York, Sept 20 (ANI): White house gatecrasher Tareq Salahi felt he was blindsided when his wife of eight years Michaele ran away with Journey guitarist Neal Schon.
We feel blindsided by the city to allow this to happen,'' neighbor Bonnie Harris said.
Though a skilled writer, Slavitt was a political novice, absolutely blindsided by the circus of insanity pervading state politics.
Lastly, to avoid being blindsided again, insurers need to examine their exposure to silica and mixed-dust claims.
You've got to change before you get blindsided either by a new competitor or an entity in a different industry that's now competing against you," warns Sampler.