blindman's buff

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a children's game in which a blindfolded player tries to catch and identify other players

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Featuring up to 70 boys and girls, basketball, taekwondo, tug of war and blindman's buff events took place at the Da Qabal playground in Kabul.
Utilizing late-Soviet-era documents, Diamond is especially effective at pointing up how the unending game of blindman's buff between the aging superpowers has actually been played.
Picking doctors, lawyers, and fender repairmen is a game of blindman's buff.
Back in Paris, Arthur becomes a rich and successful financier, but his zigzagging, sentimental life has made him pessimistic: "Life is just a game of blindman's buff.
In Washington, hyperbole is the currency of the day: It is high noon, high-stakes poker, blindman's buff, a game of chicken, a train wreck.