blindman's buff

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a children's game in which a blindfolded player tries to catch and identify other players

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Here, in a caricature of the previous century's pastoral games of blindman's buff, a blindfolded lady shepherds a pig as cupids with razor-sharp wings thrash in the sky above her.
Featuring up to 70 boys and girls, basketball, taekwondo, tug of war and blindman's buff events took place at the Da Qabal playground in Kabul.
A writer's singular office may be compared to a disappointing game of blindman's buff: the principal actor dances in desperation before a chorus of invisible and phantasmagoric spectators.
Picking doctors, lawyers, and fender repairmen is a game of blindman's buff. They seldom take out newspaper advertisements to broadcast their prices, and they do not publicize their qualifications or the results they achieve.
Back in Paris, Arthur becomes a rich and successful financier, but his zigzagging, sentimental life has made him pessimistic: "Life is just a game of blindman's buff." One day, by chance, he meets Getulio, who had married the millionaire aunt of Elizabeth, age seventy-two.
In Washington, hyperbole is the currency of the day: It is high noon, high-stakes poker, blindman's buff, a game of chicken, a train wreck.
Utilizing late-Soviet-era documents, Diamond is especially effective at pointing up how the unending game of blindman's buff between the aging superpowers has actually been played.
Pitin offers potential spaces; as in a detective story, he adds pieces of evidence that allow the viewer to guess at their functions, but which all ultimately lead nowhere: People sit on folding chairs in front of cheerless facades in the glaring sun of an urban concrete stage, in front of a dark-blue security gate (Flashback, 2007); others come together on the stairs of a dirty industrial building (Dresden, 2006), which they seem to be trying to enter in vain; people huddle together in a garden in front of a marquee (Blindman's Buff, 2007), much like Hitchcock's seagulls; a man stands hunched over in front of a house with black window holes (Architekt, 2007).