blindman's bluff

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a children's game in which a blindfolded player tries to catch and identify other players

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Another, more civilised, activity is Calling the Shots, a sort of posh Blindman's Bluff which involves identifying the vintages of different wines while blindfolded.
TV remote controls find themselves stuffed down armchairs or underneath the settee; toys appear willy-nilly around the house; mouthfuls of food are readily discarded; chairs are constantly climbed upon; coats are used in risky games of blindman's bluff; expensive curtains are roughly employed as cloaks; kitchen cupboard doors are clashed; drawers are opened and prying hands delve inside; fridge and freezer doors swing open; heads disappear inside washing machines; the downstairs loo seat clatters up and down; the contents of Er Indoors' handbag is routinely emptied over the floor; cotton wool is chewed; make-up it licked"And all this usually takes place in the space of two minutes, leading me and/or Er Indoors in a merry dance around the house.
Many simple colonial games are still played today Tag, hide-and-seek, blindman's bluff, leapfrog, and a game called hop, skip and jump provided plenty of exercise for children.
However, these rural-colonials cannot quite escape -- try as they may -- the Aboriginal (nor they the non-Aboriginals); here Furniss excels in portraying both the subtleties and excesses of what to this reader looks all too like a game of blindman's bluff albeit underwritten by non-Aboriginal power.
Although these suited visitors ultimately take Stanley away to someone called Monty, Meg herself inhabits the world of blindman's bluff that the characters elsewhere play: She's well-meaning to a fault and dim when it matters most.