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infestation with slender threadlike roundworms (filaria) deposited under the skin by the bite of black fleas

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Bahrain has launched a nationwide campaign to combat a potentially blinding disease, Glaucoma.
The blinding disease results from mutations in the gene RPE65, which encodes a protein that helps rod cells in the eye recycle light-gathering pigments.
Narfstrom is involved primarily with Abyssinian and Persian cats that are affected with hereditary retinal blinding disease.
Eliminating trachoma as a blinding disease is the goal of the Alliance for the Global Elimination of Trachoma by 2020.
They began by researching the very mechanisms of this blinding disease, then working to find a product that would treat one of the primary factors associated with it: elevated intraocular pressure.
We are very pleased to be cleared to commence phase III clinical trials for the treatment of this blinding disease without the necessity of Phase I or Phase II trials," said Dr.
Unfortunately, we are not very accurate at predicting which babies will get it, so have to screen many children to pick up the few with blinding disease.
This trial, conducted in the US, will study the use of injectable micro-inserts to treat posterior uveitis, a frequently blinding disease.
The potential role for community optometrists to help with the detection and ongoing management of this blinding disease is considerable and Optometry Scotland looks forward to participating in the SIGN review process that will lead to the development of high quality evidence-based clinical guidance for this patient group"
The results seen in the LUMINATE clinical trial program, the largest completed to date in non-infectious uveitis, support our belief that voclosporin has the potential to significantly advance the treatment of this blinding disease," said Dr.
Those complications include retinopathy, a blinding disease in which tiny blood vessels in the retina begin to leak; nephropathy, in which blood vessels in the kidney are damaged; and neuropathy, in which nerves in the feet, legs, and fingertips are damaged.
With the help of the Maverix Analytic Platform, our first identified mutation associated with a progressive retinal atrophy in Persian cats provides a model for the study of blinding disease in humans.
Other researchers, including some at USC, are taking a somewhat different approach to treating glaucoma, a potentially blinding disease caused by a buildup of pressure inside the eye.
The results achieved by the Retina Implant team to-date represent a significant advance in this technology that could greatly enhance the quality of life for people with an incurable, blinding disease.
Blaauw and Dennis Sylvester's new system, which is targeted toward medical applications, is a pressure monitor designed to be implanted in the eye to conveniently and continuously track the progress of glaucoma, a potentially blinding disease.