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Synonyms for blindfold

a cloth used to cover the eyes

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cover the eyes of (someone) to prevent him from seeing

Related Words

wearing a blindfold


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Seconds later, he has leaped through the hoops, lifted up his blindfold and run back to his stage.
Moreover, through the blindfold dinner, we aim to let our attendees and members of the local community to realise the importance of the gift of sight and the efforts taken by the organisation in order to provide the means to reduce the likelihood of vision loss and treatment of those in need for it," she added.
Yesterday, bus drivers donned blindfolds and glasses which simulate sight loss and attempted to use the bus system.
The blindfolds are tethered to the base of the sculpture, which hangs on the wall, causing the figures to appear strapped to the wall.
Twice in recent days I've paid the price of a jockey removing the blindfold virtually as the gates open - Shane B Kelly aboard Klynch at Hamilton and Ted Durcan on Miss Topsy Turvy at Nottingham.
INTENSIVE Caoimhe stuns Dean when she turns up in sexy nurse outfit TEASED Next blindfold to excite chef BADJ NUDES Dean meets Wayne and Pete GONE Clothes nicked SMILE Caoimhe watches as stripped Dean awaits reward
Working in pairs, 10 and 11-year-olds at the school have taken it in turns to blindfold each other as part of a look at World War II.
OUR WAY: Marton Manor Primary School teacher Adam Merritt helps guide pupils Max Ferreira and Andrew Rycroft, right, as they join others, below, on the blindfold walk held to draw attention to World Autism Awareness Day Pictures by IAN McINTYRE
In their experiments, blocking the vision of 1-year-olds with a blindfold led the youngsters to appreciate that a blindfolded adult couldn't see toys on a table, an insight that usually eludes 1-year-olds.
One of Laura's favourites is to pretend that a complete stranger ties her up, blindfolds her - and then starts making love to her.
BINMEN are being forced to put on blindfolds and play bizarre rope games as part of a pounds 100,000 team-building course.
The blindfolds remain, if only symbolically, until we begin to act, yes, as if "No Human Being Is Illegal.
This game is similar to miniature golf with three players per hole; equipment needed includes a "bowling-type" ball, five-gallon buckets/garbage cans, and blindfolds.
BLINDFOLDS READY: Fund-raisers (from left) Joanne Kibler, Mohammed Konane, Joanne Ford, Colin Taylor, Mark Grech, Lee Crowley, and Blair Battersby.
The sex beast, who binds and blindfolds his victims, has struck at least six times in the past two years but officers investigating the rapes in the south Birmingham and Nuneaton areas believe more women may have been accosted.