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Synonyms for blindfold

a cloth used to cover the eyes

Related Words

cover the eyes of (someone) to prevent him from seeing

Related Words

wearing a blindfold


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I WAS in bed with my new boyfriend recently and he suddenly suggested blindfolding me to have sex.
A SOLDIER accused of abusing Iraqi prisoners yesterday admitted tying one in cargo netting and blindfolding him.
Blindfolding either the eyes or the pits, by the way, made no difference in the accuracy of a rattlesnake's strike.
In this paper, the author discusses possible artifacts that could have affected these results and describes the results of experiments carried out in a school in London in which the author investigated the effects of blindfolding subjects and giving them feedback about whether their guesses were correct or not.
Others have called to give details of ex-boyfriends, husbands or lovers who they say liked tying them up or blindfolding them during sex.