blind trust

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a trust that enables a person to avoid possible conflict of interest by transferring assets to a fiduciary

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"The trust isn't blind because a traditional blind trust is not structured for and cannot be used for an operating business," Amelia Chass, a spokeswoman for the governor's office, told The Daily Record in July.
"There's an impression they simply put blind trust in the information spread by their intelligence services and in the claims of the UK counterintelligence chief Andrew Parker," Yakovenko said, answering a question from TASS.
Islamabad [Pakistan], Feb.22 ( ANI ): The Government of Pakistan needs to remain vigilant about not reposing blind trust in 'friend and partner' China with regard to Beijing's reported attempts to negotiate with Baloch separatists and bring them back into the national mainstream.
In some states, assets held in a blind trust are not subject to certain reporting and conflict of interest requirements, making it potentially more difficult to prevent the appearance of self-dealing.
They said people had blind trust on Edhi and he (Edhi) would be remembered for long time in the hearts and mind of common people.
Trump raised concerns prior to taking office when he promised to put his conglomerate, Trump Organization, into a ( blind trust , only to hand it to his two elder sons.
According to real estate yenta Yolanda Yakketyyak and always impeccably knowledgeable snitch Lucy Spillerguts, the prolific reality-television producer Roy Bank coughed up $8.15 million via a blind trust for an almost 6,100-square-foot residence described as a "Classic East Coast Traditional." The manse is located in a leafy pocket of Brentwood--just north of the country club--where the many high-profile homeowners include Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, and Julie Newmar.
He said people had blind trust in Edhi and his death has created a vacuum which would not be fulfilled and he (Edhi) would be remembered for long time in the hearts and mind of common people.
He recently set up a blind trust to handle his financial holdings in response to criticism over his role in two offshore companies that emerged in the "Panama Papers" leak.
Not accidentally, via a blind trust, but in their own name.
Branko Geroski in Sloboden pecat criticizes that it is really shameful that Ali Ahmeti didn't present any serious arguments and didn't show he cares for the future of the Albanians, but persistently presents his "blind trust" towards dictator Nikola Gruevski.
Ryan Sitton, the incoming Texas railroad commissioner, says he is following through on a campaign promise to step away from his oil and gas consulting firm and place its assets in a blind trust - an effort aimed at reducing the appearance of a conflict of interest.
Fletcher: "I can never understand the blind trust people tend to put in a government that is so flawed - especially when it comes to using our tax dollars."
Anonymous Canadian crime time-filler from the director of Ties That Bind and the writer of Blind Trust. (Cert PG, 2013) **
Charles, pictured, told the invited audience of sustainability experts, business leaders and policy makers: "It is baffling, I must say, that in our modern world we have such blind trust in science and technology that we all accept what science tells us about everything - until, that is, it comes to climate science."