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a person with a severe visual impairment

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Whenever he had to focus on his character, he blindfolded himself and tried to act as a blind person on the sets of the film.
His successful attempt to become the first blind person to row the Pacific Ocean has so far raised PS11,500 for Blind Veterans UK and the Royal Marines Charity.
And in 2011, he was the first blind person to swim the Corryvreckan Gulf in the Inner Hebrides.
All a blind person needs to do is point a laser at the note and the machine will tell which denomination it is.
"As a blind person, I've noticed that many people with the same disability tend to limit themselves to certain hobbies, sports and activities, so I wanted to eliminate all these pressures and barriers that stand between us and our disability and do something that no one has attempted before," said Al Daheri.
20 (BNA): The Capital Governor Shaikh Hesham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa will patronise the third edition of the "Walk with the Blind" marking the International White Safety Cane, themed "All of us as community members are duty-bound to support blind persons".
He also ran the Great North Run whilst leading a blind person. He loved this as the blind person had a chance to know what the Great North Run was like.
Soon these two lovely young dogs will be at a blind person's side enabling them to lead an independent life.
Through this support, the blind person succeeded in excelling at all levels including cultural, technical and economic ones," he said.
I FEEL thoroughly ashamed at how a minority of our citizens seeing a blind person out with a white stick think nothing of bumping into them, both pedestrians and others on bikes.
"As a blind person there seemed to be a whole range of jobs you couldn't do," he said as he sipped his cappuccino.
I've seen people walk away from a blind person who was talking, and the blind person would be unaware of it.
Dave, pictured, aged 54 and from West Bromwich, shot to fame when he became the first blind person to run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days in 2008.
The kiosks use touchscreen technology in a way which is not accessible for a blind person and the National Federation of the Blind claims the airline could add an audio interface, tactile keyboard or interactive screen reader to make it accessible to blind passengers.