blind person

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a person with a severe visual impairment

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When a few of you meet up, please don't leave cycles littering the pavements as happened a few months ago, when only quick thinking action saved a blind person from a fall.
These dogs cost thousands of pounds to train and are a lifeline to a blind person and they also form a bond.
The visually impaired and blind person is doing their part to alert the public that they cannot see very well.
The other day, I saw an old, blind person carrying quiet a heavy burden of a bag on his shoulder, trying to cross a heavily-busy road.
You can have a blind person who would not go out but once they get a guide dog they regain their independence.
But for a blind person simple tasks, such as surfing the internet or sending an email can be impossible without special training.
A BIKER from Merseyside has become the first blind person ever to circumnavigate the world on a motorbike.
Each group forms a letter and was a way that makes it is for those kids to read it and it is easy to touch also and it is one of the best ways to teach a beginner blind person.
It is their most important tool and helps identify a blind person on the street.
Blind runner Dave Heeley crossed the finishing line at the London Marathon yesterday to become the first blind person to complete seven marathons in seven days across seven continents.
If successful he will be the first blind person to have completed the endurance test.
A SCOT who was the first deaf and blind person from the UK to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro is urging others to join a charity challenge.
There's a strange blind person involved, too, which makes for some unsettling moments but seems kind of gratuitous at the same time.
This appealing story gives young readers an intriguing glimpse of both a Seeing Eye dog's job and the life of a blind person, presented with Jean Little's characteristic humour and storytelling ability.
I constructed the 'inhabitants' of these pieces; I liked the idea of a blind person guiding us through the space while we were the ones who couldn't see it," the artist explains.