blind landing

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using only instruments for flying an aircraft because you cannot see through clouds or mists etc


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When fully automatic blind landing systems were being developed, a prime concern was that they should be provable not to reduce safety.
As a young beginning physics graduate student under Luis Alvarez at University Cal, Berkeley Larry Johnston took time off to work at the MIT Radiation Laboratory from 1940-1943, He and his colleagues developed "Ground-Controlled-Approach" radar, a blind landing system for airplanes.
You are making a story out of this and destroying his career." UP Congress chief Rita Joshi Bahuguna had said on Monday evening that the pilot had taken a blind landing in darkness in Sitapur so that Rahul " could fulfils his commitment" to meet the people.
This was in no small part because of the British invention of the resonant cavity magnetron, or radar, which changed the method of aircraft control in blind landing configurations.
12th (458 yards, par 4): This slight dogleg left calls for a precision long drive to a blind landing area to take full advantage of the right-to-left slope of the fairway.
Boeing has made a technology leap that might in the future be compared with the DHC Trident blind landing system breakthrough of yesteryear, now the standard norm for bad weather landings.
The new runway has been constructed to accommodate the new Airbus A380 "superjumbo", and also has a so-called blind landing system that allows aircraft to land even in heavy fog.
The tee shot is to a blind landing area and the course guide warns not to be too disheartened by a six!
One day, I saw a picture of Jimmy Doolittle's 1929 instrument panel, the one that he used to make the world's first controlled, blind landing. I recognized the instruments; they were the same ones the pilots were learning to use in the helo simulator at NAS Whiting Field.
Norman does not like the changes to the 10th and 13th tees, one because of the angle and the other because of the blind landing area.