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Synonyms for insertion

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Synonyms for insertion

an item inserted, as in a diary, register, or reference book


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Synonyms for insertion

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Any injury inflicted during the blind insertion of needle and trocar was noted.
In case 1, blind insertion of a nasogastric tube for enteral nutrition resulted in intubation of the trachea rather than the stomach.
There was a paradigm shift in Europe after a 2008 report by National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) that showed an unacceptable level of harm during the blind insertion of intercostals chest drains for pleural fluid conditions and recommended bedside TUS to identify a safe area for thoracic drain placement6.
Methods for confirmation of successful placement of NGT and techniques to increase the objectivity and safety of blind insertion of NGT have been described.
The NG tube was documented as difficult to site, and there were several attempts at a blind insertion via the oral and nasal route, before successfully inserting under direct vision using a laryngoscope.
In our opinion, the trocar and cannula method should not be used for PDC insertion because the blind insertion of the sharp and thick trocar is inherently associated with the risk of viscera perforation or damage, no matter how careful and experienced the operator is [18].