blind drunk

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And the rest of us can expect a National Disaster Emergency Appeal to help the Blind Drunk.
I am not advocating that motorists get blind drunk and then try to drive.
More than a thousand of them had assembled in the centre of town, all determined to get blind drunk.
The next day, Ellington told Hibber he was ready to hire a blind man, but not a blind drunk (p.
Coronation Street ITV1 Wales Becky dealt with the news that her husband spent the night in a Blackpool B&B with his ex in her usual calm manner - ie she got blind drunk and is now itching for a fight.
It makes headlines when a crash involves a state trooper or a police officer and someone driving blind drunk.
I would contend that the problem is the attitude of mindless individuals whose only pleasure in life, whether at home or on holiday, is to get blind drunk.
Unfortunately, two of the legends failed to show--Clyde, who called later in the afternoon to let us know he slept through his flight, and Shiloh, who called us blind drunk at 4:30 in the morning the night before to garble conspiracy theories and remind us that he used to skate with Guy and Rudy.
Booze is now so cheap, comparatively, that anyone can afford to get blind drunk on a daily basis.
I'm trying to avoid stereotyping all Duck fans as the yahoos I remember who have to get blind drunk, act aggressively and make fools of themselves to `enjoy' a Duck game.
We are not encouraging people to get blind drunk and drive,'' Kennedy said.
Miss Haigh told the judge earlier: "She said she would like to withdraw her statement saying 'because that night I was blind drunk and I cannot remember what happened.
Stop sleeping with your ex - and if you're worried that you won't be able to resist his charms, then don't go where you know he'll be, or, if you do, don't get blind drunk.
A confrontation then with a man who was blind drunk would have been terrifying for that man when he woke up and realised a drink-crazed man had been in his house.
He asked: "If you are a young woman trying to walk home in these clothes and you are blind drunk how able are you to get away?