blind date

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a participant in a blind date (someone you meet for the first time when you have a date with them)

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a date with a stranger

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Like the classic Blind Date hosted by the late Cilla Black, the show attempts to pair up single men and women looking for love.
Alex proposed three years after the blind date and the couple appeared on a special of the show that featured their wedding.
Simon Pegg rom-com Man Up When the train pulls into the station, Nancy discovers Jessica has left her copy behind and races after her, only to cross paths with the blind date, Jack (Pegg).
For such reasons, there are many organized blind date parties available for singles, which allow a safe environment for the first date.
Lorra, lorra laughs: Jenni Falconer loved filming the episode of Blind Date she appeared in so much that she pursued a career in TV
The title that we gave our event, Blind Date with a Book, is the main theme; we want buyers to purchase a book just by knowing the genre and not the title, hence stressing on the well known phrase, 'don't judge a book by its cover'," Zain explained.
She says she would never have gone on Take Me Out, today's much raunchier equivalent of Blind Date.
Finally, 20 years into the online dating revolution, there is no excuse for spending a night alone at home: Crazy Blind Date uses math to set singles up on blind dates with only a few hours notice.
As we wave goodbye to the blind date, it's clear that people are investing their time more carefully into picking a partner, and that researching a date online before you meet up so you feel comfortable that the conversation won't dry up is a refreshing addition to modern dating," she added.
Blind Date ended five years ago when Black quit the show.
The hit series ended five years ago when Black stunned bosses by announcing on the first live Blind Date that she was quitting the show.
Paddy Power - next Blind Date host: 6 D McCall, 8 D O'Leary, Ant & Dec, 10 H Willoughby, 16 T Daly & V Kay, K Thornton, 18 C Deeley, A Chung, K Gallacher, 20 bar.
GARY Lineker's gorgeous Welsh girlfriend Danielle Bux has revealed they first hooked up on a blind date.
The TV star who shot to fame with her property developing know how is set to host a modern-day version of Blind Date.
Michelle Logan, 26, of San Diego, started an alibi club and used it to get out of a blind date.