blind curve

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a curve or bend in the road that you cannot see around as you are driving


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The boy's mother, Gilda, however, was at home when the incident happened and suggested that a speed bump be built on the outer service road -- which is also a blind curve -- to prevent a repeat.
You are going down and it's a blind curve and when you are going into it, you can't see the end of it," said Wayne Waterman, director of safety at Los Angeles-based Dart International Inc.
Suddenly, a local man driving carelessly at about 50mph came around a blind curve," he told USA Today.
In doing this, he ignored an unforgiving axiom of motorcycling: "Around every blind curve and over every blind hill the road is either not there or occupied by something nasty.
a 28-year-old avionics sensors maintenance specialist, who was speeding, lost control of his motorcycle in a blind curve, struck the curb and flipped his motorcycle off the road and into the desert.
The event was triggered by two anxious drivers on a blind curve as he and friend Senior Airman Jason Johns toured the island on rented mopeds.
This hazardous stretch, symbolically monitored by the CEO as it curves away around a blind curve into the unknown, represents still another factor resolved by insurance -- the role of uncertainty.
The snap of the cover on his big brass railroad watch and his command to "clear the track" could be heard by his crew long before the warning whistle of an approaching train rounding a blind curve.
Rosiles came around the blind curve that he was confronted with the Road Crew and the stopped/slowed tractor trailer and tanker truck.
Kidapawan City - A truck driver and four of his crew died while 5 others were injured when their vehicle lost its brakes while maneuvering a blind curve along the highway in Aleosan, North Cotabato, on Wednesday.
The driver of the bus lost control of the vehicle while negotiating a blind curve.
Now more than two years since that blind curve got him.
Tollenaar, who also has two children, aged 12 and nine, said the problem lies with a blind curve at the roundabout between Streets 1, 2 and 3 in Meadows 7.
An officer-involved crash occurred in Canyon Country in March, when two patrol cars responding to a request for backup from a school deputy collided rounding a blind curve.