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a street corner that you cannot see around as you are driving

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Auto Business News-October 6, 2017--Honda submits patent applications for invention to improve blind corners in automatic transmission mode
Another Blind corner had Pogba's name on it and he shook off Christian Fuchs to head home.
It was a blind corner and I was worried about it so I was slowing down," admitted Al-Sahlawi.
An autonomous car connected to the system would be able to cruise through blind corner, provided with a continuous 3D view of the area created from information captured by other cars, or by a sensor fixed in place to help with the blind spot.
As the lights turned green, the car sped onto turn 1, braking hard,and once again speeding up past turn 2 to the elevated blind corner of turn 3.
It is proposed to pay for this questionable project by building four detached houses on vicarage land, adding further traffic congestion to the blind corner that is the junction of Childwall Abbey Road and Score Lane.
an officer assisted a flatbed truck unloading equipment on a blind corner of Linden Street.
What you also want them to do is not provide the customers inside with a heart attack as they take each corner on the road by the racing line, especially if it is a blind corner.
Approaching a blind corner, arms full: that was dangerous.
Another new option is a blind corner monitoring system that features cameras located in the front grille and under the passenger side mirror so the driver can easily check hard-to-view areas around the vehicle with the push of a button.
There is something of a blind corner in each of these stories, a Kafkaesque moment when everything becomes something you never expected.
When the cabinet door opens, interconnecting mechanisms pull a three-drawer wire storage rack out of the blind corner.
The 5PSP Series chrome blind corner optimizer fits most 45-inch blind corner cabinets and provides easy access to cabinet contents.
Prettenthaler, a retired Austrian lorry driver, had been driving a minibus when he overtook the tour bus on a blind corner on a mountain road.
Police said a minibus overtook the coach on a blind corner and then shunted it off the road as the driver tried to avoid an oncoming car.