blind corner

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a street corner that you cannot see around as you are driving

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"The crossing point from Burton Acres across Moor Lane provides a blind corner.
"Because it is a blind corner, he appeared very quickly and I put my foot on the brakes, but it was like I had accelerated and I knew I couldn't stop.
There are traffic problems, particularly at Friday prayer times with double parking, blocked drives and pavements and parking on the blind corner."
The Cessna had a wide blind corner due to the high position of its wings and window frames, the report said.
Councillors were also concerned about access to the property as it would have been situated on a blind corner on the village's main road.
She said: "Unless you look before you turn it's a bit of a blind corner."
"The plans also push access closer to a dangerous point on the road and there is a blind corner."
High hedges or trees block your view, so always assume that there will be a hazard around every blind corner.
An onboard video processor would tune into a wireless feed from a roadside camera with a view of the hidden scene, such as a stretch of road behind a blind corner, and project the image of the hidden scene onto the windscreen rather than a monitor.
It's a blind corner and the cars come really fast, but it's not really the drivers' fault because it is the main road."
But members of the south east area planning committee voted unanimously to turn down the latest ATM proposal, saying it would lead to increased traffic on an already notoriously dangerous blind corner.
Recently drivers have been electing to mount pavements and drive huge distances, sometimes even rounding the blind corner on Winnipeg Drive, still on the pavement.
As the laconic banter continues, and we think certain themes have been cast aside, tousle-haired Acaster, who still looks like the boy from next door, suddenly makes a U-turn or rounds a blind corner; proof, if nothing else, that all foregoing material, however casual, had purpose.
In Jackroyd Lane he drove on the wrong side of the road and the pursuing officers said it was only luck nothing was coming when he did the same at a blind corner.
As the handler was driven down a narrow gap between the farm buildings, the child ran out from behind a blind corner and was run over by the right rear wheel.