blind alley

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Synonyms for blind alley

a course leading nowhere

Synonyms for blind alley

a street with only one way in or out

(figurative) a course of action that is unproductive and offers no hope of improvement

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Emile Heskey kept running up blind alleys or crashing into opponents.
It is a trail littered with sleaze, many likely villains and lots of blind alleys but Faraday is convinced that the answer lies in something that happened 20 years earlier during the Falklands War.
No more dropped passes, missed opportunities or running up blind alleys, these days Watkins is one of the most potent attacking forces in the Welsh game.
Regular observers say he can be a bit, er, headless - running down blind alleys.
Hence the many blind alleys of recent architecture.
These people often possess extraordinary talents, but they mostly end up in various blind alleys of defeat, often because they lack the resolution of commitment to their own inner strength.
The authors do acknowledge that not all conflicts are amenable to solution through outside intervention, and they warn of potential "moral blind alleys.
The technology strategy should be designed to give the best odds of developing and successfully exploiting competitive technologies it also should minimize the risks of poor technology decisions and blind alleys, regardless of which scenario or combination of scenarios unfolds.
Some of the visual experiments of recent years have been blind alleys, and the straightforward paintings of "things we have loved"--dogs, Mum, flowers, etc.
Hugo Viana in midfield and Shola Ameobi up front all too often ran into blind alleys and rarely troubled Danish Under-21 international goalkeeper Kevin Ellegaard.
Kinane endured a nightmare run on the Oaks favourite, running into a series of blind alleys before getting daylight too late to catch Casual Look.
Drug firms argue that higher profits than in most enterprises (9 percent to their 5 percent) is justified given the start-up costs, and that important among these is the pursuit of possible products down what often prove to be blind alleys.
And typically, a few years after the question is posed, following hundreds of hours of creative brainstorming and many trips down licensing blind alleys, such a box set will appear in stores with the hope that music lovers will see it, and, in the words of Rhino special projects guru James Austin, say ``Wow.
Had the CIA not gone down a thousand blind alleys searching for moles, it could have developed a clearer understanding of the enemy long before Soviet policy defeated itself.
It proves they aren't chasing down blind alleys in their search for the molecular Holy Grail of memory.