blind alley

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Synonyms for blind alley

a course leading nowhere

Synonyms for blind alley

a street with only one way in or out

(figurative) a course of action that is unproductive and offers no hope of improvement

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As a consequence Nawaz Sharif had also walked into a blind alley of his own.
He seemed to be trying out more positions than a porn movie star, and appeared to run up as many blind alleys as Top Cat from the third-last.
Fast paced, exciting and packed full of blind alleys and red herrings, this production will be guaranteed to have audiences on the edge of their seats.
The book includes much insight into the development of our current knowledge, including many blind alleys that investigators have followed.
We are carefully planning the way the schools are built to make sure the actual design minimises issues such as bullying by creating a better flow through the building and eliminating intimidating blind alleys," said a council spokeswoman.
Not only does Child manage to incorporate elements of military/espionage novels with mythology and demonology, science fiction and science fact, medical research and practice, and psychology and computer technology, but he does so in a way that teases his readers into blind alleys where they wait, terrified, for unnamed but profound evils still to be revealed.
Some of Haneke's mind games may lead down blind alleys, but with a film this smart and sensational, you're more than willing to go wherever he leads you, even if the journey is sometimes exasperating.
Searches lead down blind alleys, or material that ought to be all in one place is scattered in several locations.
Emile Heskey kept running up blind alleys or crashing into opponents.
It is a trail littered with sleaze, many likely villains and lots of blind alleys but Faraday is convinced that the answer lies in something that happened 20 years earlier during the Falklands War.
Regular observers say he can be a bit, er, headless - running down blind alleys.
Hence the many blind alleys of recent architecture.
The authors do acknowledge that not all conflicts are amenable to solution through outside intervention, and they warn of potential "moral blind alleys.
The technology strategy should be designed to give the best odds of developing and successfully exploiting competitive technologies it also should minimize the risks of poor technology decisions and blind alleys, regardless of which scenario or combination of scenarios unfolds.