blind alley

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Synonyms for blind alley

a course leading nowhere

Synonyms for blind alley

a street with only one way in or out

(figurative) a course of action that is unproductive and offers no hope of improvement

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The political system with absolutely no external assistance has on its own walked into a blind alley.
Once England's reply to West Indies' 426 was given substance by Pietersen (78) and Bell (76no) in a stumps total of 221 for five, this contest was headed down a blind alley.
Sadly the 'shop' link is a blind alley at the moment - I want a Hogmaneigh cruet set.
They sped into a blind alley, narrowly missing pedestrians and hitting three parked cars, said witnesses.
A patrolman pal of mine bad an armed dope dealer cornered in an inky-black blind alley.
The "camera" cuts trail after trail, but each seems to lead to a blind alley, and the trails close behind us.
During its Presidency, Germany will also address the Open Sky dossier with the United States, which appears to be up something of a blind alley.
When you go up a blind alley, you've got to recognize it, back up, keep moving and never look back.
He succeeded only in leading his forces into a blind alley.
Signposted by the towering chimney, the courtyard hovers between being an intimate domestic space and blind alley, blurring the distinction between private and public realms.
Dissidents at an SNP national council meeting argued devolution was a blind alley on the path to independence.
Along the way, the development of ideas often takes a wrong turn down a blind alley.