blind alley

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Synonyms for blind alley

a course leading nowhere

Synonyms for blind alley

a street with only one way in or out

(figurative) a course of action that is unproductive and offers no hope of improvement

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A failure by governments to include children who are blind in health and education initiatives is leaving them down a blind alley according to a report released on World Sight Day by Sight Savers International.
When you go up a blind alley, you've got to recognize it, back up, keep moving and never look back.
He succeeded only in leading his forces into a blind alley.
Signposted by the towering chimney, the courtyard hovers between being an intimate domestic space and blind alley, blurring the distinction between private and public realms.
After a series of warnings from congress president Len Fyfe and TUC boss John Monks that a no vote would "lead the movement down a blind alley," only four votes went against the motion to support the report's recommendations.
Four years of reform and repositioning seems to have led the party up an electoral blind alley, with less support than in 1997.
In a warning both ominous and somewhat comical, the commentary concluded that if the Taiwan leaders continued with their "splittist" policies "they will certainly walk down a blind alley, bump their head and shed blood.
Along the way, the development of ideas often takes a wrong turn down a blind alley.
When Fault Manager identifies a problem or outage, we know that we are not going down a blind alley.
We need to pull the country out of blind alley and we don't want to put fuel on fire," he said.
He said if the religious forces did not rise at this moment, they would be driven to a blind alley and would have no way out.
but our Government has continued up this blind alley by screwing its own people to the point of ruining them and the entire economy.
In the song Boniadi raps, "This ain't no road to freedom / It's a blind alley, like Kirstie Alley / Travolta, and Cruise, but we ain't no fools," the Huffington Post reported.