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pompously ultraconservative and nationalistic

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Snooty blue rinse bint to blimpish hubby: "My dear, look at that strange looking building.
I know I sound blimpish but I do feel the straight play is a doomed species.
Fresh out of drama school, Alexandra Silber as Laura displays vocal and acting chops while Simon Callow's growly Count Fosco substitutes recognizably human brio for the blimpish operatic refugee originally portrayed by Michael Crawford.
As well as the serious portraits there is a selection of inspired caricatures of English types, ranging from blimpish, bulging-eyed colonels to exquisite young men and highly alluring damsels whose charms leave little to the imagination.
Such interests--Powell claimed that Debrett's was his favorite bedside reading--and the often Blimpish, high Tory attitudes expressed in the Journals, have not helped Powell's posthumous reputation, and as we move into a century so vastly at odds, socially and technologically, with the world he wrote about, he is becoming marginalized as the specialized taste of the old-fashioned, the Tory, the aesthetically conservative.
I GUESS it's all a bit Colonel Blimpish to carp on about the decimation of our motor industry by those industrious little beavers from the Land of the Rising Sun.
So I expected the stewards to be Blimpish bigots who would not approve of oiks enjoying themselves.
They import their Blimpish views and their siege mentality, neither of which add one single jot of value to vulnerable, fragmented rural communities.
Regarding the bombing of Darwin, it is insinuated that defences were inadequate because of Blimpish complacency by the Establishment.
There is the corrosive cynicism of the critical legal studies movement, that made such an approach seem intolerably blimpish. There is the sheer massiveness of the constitutional materials -- two hundred more volumes of United States Reports -- and the rapid evolution of constitutional law since the late 1950s, the era of what might rightly be called the Brennan Court.
Clark found that people were coming up to praise or chastise him for things he had never said, although whether his concern at the misrepresentation was due to the column being too blimpish or liberal for his tastes is not recorded.