blighty wound

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a wound that would cause an English soldier to be sent home from service abroad

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Oh grant me, dear Lord, a nice Blighty wound. Just one that allows me to run Away from this shambles, I've had quite enough, the Butcher can still have his fun."Northumberland Fusilier Corporal Harry Fellowes
It was on convalescent leave for a "Blighty wound", in 1917 that Sassoon had time to reflect on the horrors of war and became a pacifist of courage, not cowardice.
They talk, in an astonishingly matter-of-fact way, of the terror of going over the top, of yearning for a nice "Blighty wound", the execution of deserters, decaying bodies, mud, rats as big as cats, and more mud.
It had been very noticeable during the last few months that all old hands were getting killed and youngsters who had only been out a few months were receiving lovely blighty wounds.