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a persistently annoying person

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The referendum result was not what the Establishment expected but when the "low-waged and poorly-educated" masses are given a referendum, look what the blighters do with it!
If it were up to me, I'd be tempted to reach for the blunderbuss and dish out a bit of zero-tolerance to the blighters.
However during the following winter, the crafty blighters filled it in and covered it with a car park; but fearing more public protest, the pool was filled in such a way that it could be recovered if need be.
With a retro cartoon feel, the small screen keeps proceedings crisp and clear through the seasonal levels, but don't expect an easy ride from the various bugs and other blighters lurking in the foliage.
In Post Property An Englishman's home: We go inside a stunning Grade II listed castle that comes with its own title The blame for the spread of flu lies at the door of the selfish, irresponsible parents who drop their sick offspring at the school gates knowing full '' well the little blighters are unpleasantly unwell Page 34 The Birmingham Post can keep you up to date with its online daily news through an email alert, sent direct to your inbox every morning.
The people of Telford - like the rest of us - have a patriotic duty to unsettle Australians whenever they encounter the blighters.
THE high percentage of pint-sized patrons, several of them decked out in full My Little Princess garb, was distinctly discouraging for those of us who have long since emigrated to the realm of mature masculine grouchiness - not so much 'how sweet' as 'I hope the little blighters don't come within five rows of us.' Fortunately those forebodings proved as groundless as they were ungenerous; the munchkin contingent were impeccably behaved, spellbound into silence, no doubt, by David Bintley's truly enchanting production of the classic fairytale.
So keen were the blighters on salami that one trap held two.
I had years of practice monitoring the little blighters, and find the first to be a very pale yellow/green similar to the growing tip in color--where they readily migrate after hatching--and the following ones to be dull green with that dark ventral strip.
- and so the poor blighters blown from the skies this weekend were reared for the purposes.
Man is crowding out other species such as dwarves, elves, the hominids they call "blighters" and, of course, dragons.
The Wall Street Journal's "best movie" of the year, The Incredibles, mocks the "politically correct" practise of giving every schoolchild a prize for something, so the little blighters never get to prepare for "reality," where only "excellence" wins prizes.
True believers in the possibility of subjugating eros to strict, rational control, if we can indoctrinate the little blighters early enough, they recommend a sex-ed curriculum for children as young as five.
Bunging the blighters into the neighbouring field seems antisocial.