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affected by blight


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That is precisely the subject of Gregory Coco's "A Strange and Blighted Land.
Late blight symptoms appeared on January 12, 2011 and January 15, 2012 in the form of blighted areas consisting of faded green patches turning to brownish black.
And crucially, they don't blight the atmosphere with excess carbon dioxide - which is what it's all about because if we don't get our emissions under control there may in the future be many landscapes left ineradicably blighted by a changed and hostile climate.
The property in question is located in a 57-acre area known as the Armour Road Site, which the City sought to redevelop in an effort to remove blight The City enacted a general ordinance authorizing the acquisition of each parcel of land within the blighted area.
Governor Tom Corbett today announced that the Department of Community and Economic Development awarded the Housing Authority of Northumberland County a $500,000 Keystone Communities grant in an effort to eliminate blighted property in the county.
She concluded: "Blight laws need to be reviewed and changed to help those who through no fault of their own are blighted by decisions we make in Westminster.
GRABBY DEVELOPERS know a sure way to overcome resistance from an owner who refuses to sell his property: Declare it blighted.
In relation to these, the Government has published a companion consultation paper for mitigation of hardship to residential owner occupiers blighted by the proposals arising after a route is formally safeguarded, businesses and other institutional owners are offered no such assurance at this time.
Dicklow said both tomato and potato growers have contacted her with blighted plants.
Most states provide that property deemed blighted under that state's statutory definition may be taken for redevelopment regardless of whether the proposed use would qualify as a public use.
Destroy the blighted plants (don't compost them) and thoroughly clean and disinfect the glasshouse.
The manager and staff will be responsible for carrying out city plans that call for heavy citizen involvement and partnerships to rebuild blighted neighborhoods.
This amendment would remove the constitutional provision permitting redevelopment of blighted areas and long-term tax exemptions for redevelopment projects.
When agents arrived at work Monday, three people were waiting to show their blighted foliage.