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edible agaric that is pale lilac when young

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I have taken the wise advice of author of Fungi Forays, Daniel Butler, to concentrate on being able to confidently identify three or four different type of fungi as it really can be a mushroom minefield if you don't know your Blewits from your Boletes.
He said: "It was coming through the toilets and a manhole cover blewits top.
The supply starts with St George's and morels in spring; the chanterelles and chicken of the woods appear in July and the season peaks with porcini and bay boletes in September and October, ending with wood blewits in November and velvet shanks in December.
For two days you can explore beautiful surroundings, discover delicacies like porcini, parasols, blewits, shaggy ink-caps, puffballs and oyster mushrooms, and then taste your finds.
Googling a runner Blewit 2.00 Perth The Blewit mushroom refers to two closely related species of edible agarics - the wood blewit and the field blewit or blue-leg.