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"When Delia was out she would always have a blether, but she was very limited [due to poor health].
"I've had a chat with the boys and we've had a good blether about what's expected of us this season and how we see the competition and the games.
The ongoing roar and sustained applause was due testimony to a sublime footballing moment yet he continued to blether.
The rain's blether grows louder, a gallop of hard consonants Levin feels he could understand, were it slower--
During the many years he performed the miracle of keeping the Jags in the top flight, the Lisbon Lion used to delight in gathering reporters in his office for a post-match drink and a blether.
Also just visible is the East End Cafe, where many a cup of tea and a scone was enjoyed over a blether.
There was plenty of home-baking to whet appetites with everyone enjoying a morning blether.
They have launched a `wee tea, books and a blether'event in GartmoreVillage Hall.
Brew and a blether A brew and a blether were on the minds of hungry Monklands pensioners back in 1983.
While we know that girls and women love nothing more than a good blether about anything and everything, we also know that boys and men are not so keen to blether about real-life stuff.
I'D like to "blether" with a reply to the criticisms levelled by Mr D Brownlow of the Moorsyde Action Group (Voice of the North, May 22).
The council reluctantly published this in its free magazine and offered some blether about `further consultation' with`hard-to-reachpeople', whoever they might be (this was not explained).
The informal bacon roll and blether gettogether for neighbours in the parish is a favourite with residents.
Tulip tea gatherings were held at its Wellwynd headquarters, with members inviting along Airdrie MP Neil Gray for a brew and a blether.
Everyone gathered together for a cuppa and a blether at St Luke's Church in Paisley.