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highly favored or fortunate (as e.g. by divine grace)


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The core conflict is that both the government and the innate magic of Blest are being co-opted by persons intent on using the power of each for their own selfish goals, and so magic is now out of balance in Blest.
Puerto Blest (41[degrees] 02' S, 71[degrees] 49' W) is part of the Valdivian temperate forest region of Argentina and it is situated within the Nahuel Huapi National Park in Rio Negro Province, Patagonia (Cabrera, 1976; Armesto et al.
The last time was last month at Ince Blundell, where his years in retirement have been so wonderfully blest.
He is the producer and director of Blest, a Christian musical group.
Tokyo, Japan, July 31, 2007 - (JCN) - Plastics are commonly made from fossil fuels, a usually irreversible process, but Blest has developed a machine which recycles plastic waste back into oil.
Blest be every hour that Day wins back from Night, Morning and evening, blessed sunshine, But not without you, would that I be blind With you, than in others find my delight.
Shade has also written a book on Pope whose title, Supremely Blest, comes from the "Essay on Man.
Episcopal Church of the Resurrection - Randall Thompson's cantata, "The Place of the Blest," accompanied by flute, violin and piano, will be performed Sunday at the 10:30 a.
He was a Salzburg footballer in "How Blest are Shepherds" and a boxing referee during the "battle" between Arthur and Oswald.
Note: purchase fairly traded and certified organic cotton goods, and you'll be doubly blest.
Spouses to Teachers (STT), DOD's blest endeavor to assist military spouses interested in teaching, is serving a similar purpose as the popular Troops to Teachers (TTT) program, an official said.
Thus we proclaim the mystery of grace: You bless us and in doing so are blest.
I often wonder what other "blessing people" have said to the blest.
Andrew Robertson, 17, rode his first winner when getting Encounter up in the final furlong to beat River Blest in the apprentices' handicap.
Jonson begins by praising Wrath for his complete identification with his local milieu, so much so that his presence there no longer depends on an act of conscio us ill: "How blest art thou, canst loue the countrey, WROTH,/Whether by choice, or fate, or both" (1-2).