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Synonyms for blessing

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Synonyms for blessing

a short prayer said at meals

something beneficial

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Synonyms for blessing

a desirable state

a short prayer of thanks before a meal

a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection

the act of praying for divine protection


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The blessing and thanksgiving service invites pet owners of all denominations to celebrate the animals that share their lives.
I realize that my attitude was being affected by this and began to count my blessings. 1.
According to ( Net Worth Post , Blessing had an estimated net worth of $1.7 million.
This honor was bestowed upon Theresa because of her tireless work to bring social and economic development to the people in the Zaare and Nyariga areas for the last twelve years through her NGO, The Blessing Basket Project, which she founded and is Chief Executive Officer.
Ms Hill, of Jubilee Avenue, said: "Bless was a blessing to my sister and a blessing to me as well, in so many ways."
If the blessing of the heart is used in the circle of faith and belief; the blessing of the mind is used in the way of thinking to discover the facts; the blessing of the organs is used in the way of good deeds; the blessings of position and wealth are used to solve the problems of people: if man uses all these blessings in the way of obedience, in worship, in serving people and in doing good, and in the way of confirming piety and chasteness, then he, besides getting happiness in this life, will gain five kinds of reward in the afterlife.
When I awoke, I said the blessing for having my soul returned; when I went to bed, I praised the name of God forever.
The certificate reads: "His Holiness John Paul II paternally imparts a special Apostolic Blessing to A Wilf Mannion as a pledge of continued divine protection."
Blessing, which has provided care for Quincy and its surrounding community since 1875, has been using Allscripts Sunrise Clinicals for 10 years.
3, British Columbia Bishop James Cowan announced he has authorized the blessing of same-sex unions in response to a request made by diocesan synod in March 2010.
Moses gets clear instructions from God on how a blessing should go, at least: "The Lord bless and keep you!
The writer described blessing wherever they were, praying that everyone coming into that space would feel the blessing, too.
Clooney appeared with Curry on morning news programme The Today Show on Tuesday (12Oct10), when he recalled his interactions with the native Sudanese - including an unusual "blessing" by a local elder.
Sure enough, as the fifth-race horses came to the starting gate, the priest made a blessing on the forehead of one of the horses.
Nonetheless, Rashi and Ramban consider such a "real" blessing to be deferential, as was Melchizedek's to Abraham (Gen.