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Synonyms for blessing

Synonyms for blessing

a short prayer said at meals

something beneficial

Synonyms for blessing

a desirable state

a short prayer of thanks before a meal

a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection

the act of praying for divine protection


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I hearkened and hearkened the ministers, and read an' read at my prayer-book; but it was all like sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal: the sermons I couldn't understand, an' th' prayer-book only served to show me how wicked I was, that I could read such good words an' never be no better for it, and oftens feel it a sore labour an' a heavy task beside, instead of a blessing and a privilege as all good Christians does.
He is your father, your best friend: every blessing, everything good, pleasant, or useful, comes from Him; and everything evil, everything you have reason to hate, to shun, or to fear, comes from Satan--HIS enemy as well as ours.
I telled him it was, an' we was ill set to get more: but you know, mum, I didn't think o' him helping us; but, howsever, he sent us a sack o' coals next day; an' we've had good fires ever sin': and a great blessing it is, this winter time.
He knew he would hear nothing new from these folk, that they would arouse no religious emotion in him; but he liked to see the crowd to which his blessing and advice was necessary and precious, so while that crowd oppressed him it also pleased him.
He rose, went to the railing beyond which the crowd had gathered, and began blessing them and answering their questions, but in a voice so weak that he was touched with pity for himself.
Father Sergius remained seated on the bench at the entrance and when she was passing and stopped beside him for his blessing he was aghast at himself for the way he looked at her figure.
A blessing that I hope, one of these days, I may be able to deserve.
I do say--and Mrs Kenwigs is of the same sentiment, and feels it as strong as I do--that I consider his being called Lillyvick one of the greatest blessings and Honours of my existence.
But, sir, though it were more so than is even possible to you, yet there may be some among you that are not equally right in their actions: and you know that in the story of the children of Israel, one Achan in the camp removed God's blessing from them, and turned His hand so against them, that six-and-thirty of them, though not concerned in the crime, were the objects of divine vengeance, and bore the weight of that punishment.
And let our different religions be what they will, this general principle is readily owned by us all, that the blessing of God does not ordinarily follow presumptuous sinning against His command; and every good Christian will be affectionately concerned to prevent any that are under his care living in a total neglect of God and His commands.
Why, then, sir," says he, "I will take the liberty you give me; and there are three things, which, if I am right, must stand in the way of God's blessing upon your endeavours here, and which I should rejoice, for your sake and their own, to see removed.
We said a different blessing for bread, another one for cookies, another for vegetables.
But Wilf Mannion was a practicing Catholic, so this Papal Blessing was at least as special as any cup-winners' medal would have been for The Golden Boy.
The blessing of civil marriages between same-gender couples can now take place in the Anglican diocese of British Columbia
31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Blessing Makwera from Zimbabwe had always been curious about how things ticked.