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Synonyms for blessedness

the quality of being holy or sacred

a condition of supreme well-being and good spirits

Synonyms for blessedness

a state of supreme happiness

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Blessed John Henry Newman, "God the Blessedness of the Soul," in Prayers, Verses, and Devotions (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2000), 360-63 passim.
This mastery involves the presence of new active emotions, which constitute blessedness or salvation.
Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness.
According to an item published in the Massachusetts Spy, Worcester's main weekly, "In Boston there is a Matrimonial Agency in full operation, where disconsolate old bachelors and forgotten maidens can be helped out of the forlorn condition of single blessedness, at reasonable rates.
The daily crises of parenting can blind us to the blessedness of the moment.
The centrality of paradox exponentially grows when we apply our theology to anthropological issues: for example, being made in the image of God yet fallen, being determined yet being of free will, and the blessedness of being poor in spirit.
It is [the promoter of the faith's duty] to critically examine the life of, and the miracles attributed to, the individual up for sainthood or blessedness.
This of that infamous the Times ago: "Small Chile, How different that will be from today when we can feel, as the Bible suggests, the blessedness that comes with true giving - unalloyed kindness that seeks nothing in return save the pleasure of doing a good turn.
The serenity of the music they play, of the flowers they contemplate, of the beauty--their own--they arrange, is a metaphor of inner harmony and self-identity, of what Yeats calls "uncomposite blessedness.
Yet here is this prophet or (as some would say) messiah, calmly proclaiming the blessedness of "the poor in spirit" or simply, as in the parallel passage in Luke, "the poor.
In the Beatitudes (Matthew Chapter 5), which is Jesus' meditation on blessedness, he does not dwell much on the positive or the inspirational.
Therefore, what antisemites most envy are the Jews' blessedness, the love that they receive from their heavenly Father.
At the same time, Taylor became more and more aware of the outputs of her right brain: feelings of "tranquility, safety, blessedness, euphoria, and omniscience.
Michelle Bartel in What it Means to Be Human reminds us that, "God called us into existence and created us in the blessedness of true relationship with God and others.
Instead, Crescas insisted on the priority of God's will over his intellect and the primacy of love and obedience to God's commandments over intellectual knowledge in attaining blessedness and coming to know God.